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cutlerycut‧le‧ry /ˈkʌtləri/ noun [uncountable] especially British English cutlery.jpg DFUknives, forks, and spoons that you use for eating and serving foodcrockery SYN silverware American English
Examples from the Corpus
cutleryBone, plastic, wood or pearl-handled cutlery Exposure to very hot water can soften the glue holding the handle in place.We shall therefore say that knife, fork and spoon are quasi-hyponyms of cutlery, and cutlery is a quasi-superordinate.His brief was to design an item of cutlery with and not for a disabled student.The pull-out cutlery drawer can be lifted out for easy unloading.Ensure that cutlery which has been cleaned using chemicals gets a thorough washing before going back into the dining room.He wedged the knife upright in the cutlery drawer while jamming it shut with one knee.They were gleaming in the lamplight, like the cutlery at some demonic supper party.She observed that I was the typical Americanthe third variant of eaters-who uses cutlery in what she called the most time-consuming manner.