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curriculumcur‧ric‧u‧lum /kəˈrɪkjələm/ ●○○ noun (plural curricula /-lə/ or curriculums) [countable] SEthe subjects that are taught by a school, college etc, or the things that are studied in a particular subject Languages are an essential part of the school curriculum. curriculum planningon the curriculum British English IT is now on the curriculum in most the curriculum American English Students are exempt from some classes in the curriculum for religious reasons.syllabusCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + curriculumthe school curriculumThe children carried out the project as part of the school curriculum.the National Curriculum (=the curriculum set by the government for schools in England and Wales)the primary/secondary/high school etc curriculum (=for particular ages at school)the undergraduate curriculum (=for a first degree at university or college)the science/maths/history etc curriculumThe English curriculum is divided into Language and Literature.a core/common curriculum (=the subjects that everyone must study because they are considered very important)There has been a lot of debate on the content of the core academic curriculum (=involving studying from books, not practical subjects)They unquestioningly accept the traditional academic curriculum.a broad/broad-based/wide curriculum (=involving a wide range of different types of subjects)The school provides a broad curriculum with a rich choice of learning opportunities.balanced (=with a mix of academic and practical subjects)We want to ensure a balanced curriculum for all pupils.narrow (=not broad enough)Many teachers complained that the new curriculum was too narrow.verbsplan/develop/design a curriculumFifty academics have been involved in developing the new school curriculum.follow a curriculum (=study the subjects that are in a curriculum)Five-year-olds now follow the National Curriculum.
Examples from the Corpus
curriculumAre politicians the best people to be developing the educational curriculum?The next issue is closely related to the value issues involved in curriculum review.Why will the social sciences not figure more largely in the new curriculum for the 21st century?changes to the school curriculumThat fact alone should have indicated something to parents about the curriculum in that school.We cover the curriculum by choosing things the kids will be interested in.The domination of the curriculum by subjects classically defined was, indeed, the most obvious feature of the grammar-school curriculum.On the other hand, one of the curriculum guides may represent the ideas that are especially important to me.Fieldwork is an integral part of the curriculum and may include a foreign field course in third year.If education is about anything, it is surely about what is taught: the curriculum.The curriculum includes art and music classes.The curriculum includes an eight-week work-based experience.on the curriculumRead in studio Subjects like robotics and micro electronics are on the curriculum for a group of gifted ten year olds.This created the climate for a degree of loosening of central control on the curriculum in the 1902 Education Act.As before many recognised the importance of the document in initiating debate on the curriculum.The emphasis which has been placed so far on the curriculum is intentional.National systems of testing use light sampling methods and therefore the direct impact on the curriculum is unlikely to be large.This latter requirement brought a circular to local authorities requesting information on the curriculum in their schools.Beyond the key pieces of information outlined on the curriculum and resources, each institution will choose which further items it reviews.
Origin curriculum (1800-1900) Modern Latin Latin, running, course, from currere; CURRENT1