Word family noun culture subculture adjective cultural cultured adverb culturally
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culturalcul‧tu‧ral /ˈkʌltʃərəl/ ●●● W2 AWL adjective [usually before noun] 1 SANbelonging or relating to a particular society and its way of lifemulticultural the very real historical and cultural differences between our two societies the desire to maintain a distinct cultural identity It is important to look at the political and cultural context in which the novel was written. people who share the same cultural backgroundcultural heritage/traditions etc (=ideas, customs etc that have existed in a particular society for a long time) Japan’s unique cultural heritage multicultural2 AART/CULTURErelating to art, literature, music etc the city’s rich and varied cultural life Students need to have time for relaxation and cultural activities, as well as for academic work. In the later Middle Ages, Prague was an important cultural centre (=a place, usually a big city, where a lot of artistic and musical events happen).COLLOCATIONSnounscultural heritage (=the ideas, customs etc that have existed among a group for a long time)We want to preserve our cultural heritage and pass it on to our children.cultural differencesPeople must accept each others’ cultural differences.cultural values (=ideas of what is right and wrong in a culture)the social and cultural values of the western worldcultural identity (=feeling of belonging to a particular group and sharing its values)Children develop a sense of their racial and cultural identity at a young age.cultural diversity (=including people from many different cultures)the racial and cultural diversity of British societya cultural context (=the ideas, customs etc of a particular place or time)the cultural context of Europe in the eighteenth centurycultural changeThese were decades of rapid cultural change.cultural background (=the type of society you come from, and its ideas, customs etc)people from the same cultural backgroundcultural factors/influencesResearch suggests that cultural factors influence scores in intelligence tests.cultural traditionsThe ceremony is an important cultural tradition for the tribe.
Examples from the Corpus
culturalNobody has the controlling cultural authority to tell women to what lengths they should go.Our persistent cultural blind spot on the effects of such exclusion is now proving to be very problematic.Both of these would be products of a continued modernization process based on a principle of cultural differentiation.Teachers must be equipped to deal with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the student body.The Principal feels that cultural education is very important.Both biological and cultural explanations, however, have sceptical implications as far as morality is concerned.Puerto Rico has a distinct cultural identity.Maybe, but certainly not as the force in marketing, consuming and cultural influence the Boomers were themselves.Baroque music was part of a broader cultural movement that affected all the arts.Houston's cultural offerings are just what we were looking for.Their specific and local histories, often threatened and repressed, are inserted ` between the lines' of dominant cultural practices.It also includes discouraging cultural traits that have outlived their usefulness and may be otherwise harmful to society.The assumptions underlying these techniques are generally the same as those of the cultural transmission concept of learning.cultural differencesEven within strong corporate cultures, values are rarely strong or homogeneous enough to override cultural differences.Health authorities are encouraged to arrange for the services which ethnic minority communities need and which reflect cultural differences.Ted jokes that there really are some cultural differences.The happiest results came when householders gave their evacuees time to settle in and made some attempt to understand their cultural differences.This sense of linguistic exclusion can be complicated by various cultural differences.References to studies of cultural differences are given at the end of the chapter.Not that racial and cultural differences can not exist.In arguing for autonomy, Osaka's leaders stress cultural differences with Tokyo.cultural lifeBut it is Winterthur's art collections that almost dwarf the rest of its cultural life.In the meanwhile, a new Leviathan has surfaced in cultural life.These exhibitions became central to Sheffield's cultural life, and were the turning-points in the careers of several young artists.Mr. Amos Does my right hon. Friend accept that the quality of cultural life in the north-east is second to none?Almost a century later Manaus's neglected cultural life is re-emerging with a Slavic twist.So much, thought Spruce, for the cultural life of a Norfolk village at the end of the twentieth century.The Karimojong are semi-nomadic pastoralists whose economic, social and cultural life revolves around cattle.With the academy Supplying hungry audiences, the town enjoyed a cultural life that belied its size.