From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrewcrew1 /kruː/ ●●● S3 W3 noun 1 TTBO[countable] all the people who work on a ship or plane The plane crashed, killing two of the crew and four passengers.crew of He joined the crew of a large fishing boat. a crew membersee thesaurus at group2 GROUP OF PEOPLE[countable] a group of people working together with special skills a TV camera crew ground crew3 DSO[countable] a team of people who compete in rowing races Who will be on the college crew?4 GROUP OF PEOPLE[singular] a group of people or friends – often used to show disapproval The volunteers were a motley crew (=very mixed group of people). Do you still hang out with the same crew?5 [countable] informal a) a group of musicians, especially ones playing hip hop, rap, or garage music b) a group of hip hop dancers6 [countable] informal a group of young people who spend time together, often one that is involved in crime, drugs, or violence SYN gangCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a group of people working together with special skillstypes of crewa film crewThe film crew were making a political documentary.a camera crewa BBC camera crewa television/TV crewJournalists and TV crews were waiting outside their house.a stage crew (=working to produce a play)There is a cast of 100 and a stage crew of twenty.a production crew (=working to produce a film, programme, play etc)She’s a member of the production crew for a new television series.a fire crewFire crews took more than three hours to bring the blaze under ambulance crewThe woman had to be rescued from her car by an ambulance crew.the ground crew (=the people who prepare an airplane to fly)The ground crew were refueling the plane.the cabin crew (=the people who work inside an airplane, especially the flight attendants)I was impressed by the polite and efficient cabin crew.
Examples from the Corpus
crewThe captain and crew would like to welcome you on board Flight 381 to Geneva.Everyone in the movie's cast and crew has done a great job.I'd like to thank you on behalf of the officers and crew.Jason's on the Boston College crew.Two fire crews from Bury attended the crash which happened in a torrential downpour.Johns decided to record Satriani live in the studio over the course of 12 days with a handpicked crew of session players.We found a happy crew of foreign students in the hostel.The pair died trying to rescue a downed helicopter crew during a 16-hour firefight in Mogadishu.The Heritage was working out of Scarborough and her crew are believed to be from Bridlington.I clicked in the intercom and asked the crew chief and the gunner if they were ready.Everyone aboard the Montreal Queen, including the crew, died.My injury would mean extra work for the rest of the crew.For day-to-day mission operations the crew can use jeans and T-shirts or any clothing that they would wear on Earth.The crew of the space shuttle will hold a press conference Friday.crew memberIt overturned and sank, killing 84 crew members.Six of the Challenger crew members are represented on the national Challenger Center board by their surviving spouses.If either crew member was killed, the survivor had to replace him at once from the hibernators.Instead, it careened off course and into a crowd of crew members.If one of the crew members is killed, then its movement is reduced by half.Quite simply, the crew members would be paid a bonus for every crossing.The buoy is somehow a fitting monument to the crew members who lost their lives here.motley crewWhen he stalked out he left her with a motley crew mostly of accountants and lawyers.A motley crew for the most part, with the reputation of being beer-swilling, womanising chauvinists.
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crewcrew2 verb [intransitive, transitive] TTWto be part of the crew on a boat The boat is crewed by ten men.
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Examples from the Corpus
crewThe U.S.S. Mason was crewed entirely by black sailors.Some countries can crew one or two major movies simultaneously.
From King Business Dictionarycrewcrew /kruː/ noun [countable]TRAVELTRANSPORT1all the people working on a ship or planeThese planes carry over 300 passengers and crew.2all the people working on a ship or plane except the most important officersThe captain instructed the cabin crew to prepare for take-off.Origin crew1 (1500-1600) crew additional soldiers, reinforcements ((15-16 centuries)), from Old French creue increase, from creistre; CRESCENT