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creepercreep‧er /ˈkriːpə $ -ər/ noun [countable] HBPa plant that grows up trees or walls, or along the ground virginia creeper
Examples from the Corpus
creeperFlowers and creepers became almost part of the architecture.Around his leg, where the trouser had been torn, the first creeper curled, thin and waxy against his skin.And every year the little creeper remembers the words of the angel and blushes again as she thinks of them.Right in itself has no author-ity; it leans on might as the creeper on the tree.She could trek through the grass playing Jungle Explorers, swinging on the creepers like a tiny Tarzan.Yet the whole was harmonious, welded together beneath the vast expanse of Virginia creeper which covered the walls to the eaves.And that is why the virginia creeper plant turns a lovely red colour in the autumn.Virginia creeper needs to be clipped back from windows and hauled out of gutters.