Word family noun creation creativity creator creativeness adjective creativeuncreative verb create recreate adverb creatively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcreatecre‧ate /kriˈeɪt/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL verb [transitive] 1 CAUSEMAKEto make something exist that did not exist before Some people believe the universe was created by a big explosion. Her behaviour is creating a lot of problems. The new factory is expected to create more than 400 new jobs.see thesaurus at make2 INVENTto invent or design something This dish was created by our chef Jean Richard. Philip Glass created a new kind of music. The software makes it easy to create colourful graphs.see thesaurus at invent3 create somebody something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
createOn the other hand, millions of new jobs have also been created.Picasso created a completely new style of painting.Several children created a disturbance.She wanted to create a garden to complement her beautiful home.The end of the cold war helped create a situation in which more countries than ever have access to nuclear weapons.But what it does is create a space for renewal and reflection on the universe and its injustices.Mary Quant created a whole new look for women's clothes in the 1960s.The white walls and mirrors helped to create an illusion of space.Margot's outburst created an unpleasant atmosphere and most of the guests left early.A few such designs may be created before a final decision is made by the artist and client.Some believe the universe was created by a big explosion.This dish was created by master chef Marco Pierre White.The pen pal program was created by teacher Cindy Lee.The software makes it easy to create colorful charts and graphs.This has created considerably greater demand for both rentals and purchases.We found that this chemical process created hydrogen chloride as a by-product.If these measures had been designed to encourage investment, or to create jobs, they would at least have restored economic growth.Land movement created the Alps.Agatha Christie created the character Hercule Poirot.My father employed three people to create them.Man has been created to have dominion in this world.A bullet exceeding the speed of sound creates two shock waves.
From King Business Dictionarycreatecre‧ate /kriˈeɪt/ verb [transitive]1to make something exist that did not exist beforeThe building boom has created 50,000 construction jobs in the state.The two organizations will create a company to sell life insurance in Spain, with each providing 50% of the capital.Central banks can create money by getting private banks to lend more.Tourism creates wealth for the country.2to design or invent somethingThe design agency has created a number of American Express ads.The technology can be used to create new products.→ See Verb tableOrigin create (1300-1400) Latin past participle of creare