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creasecrease1 /kriːs/ noun 1 [countable]FOLD a line on a piece of cloth, paper etc where it has been folded, crushed, or pressed She smoothed the creases from her skirt. I’ll have to iron out the creases.2 [countable] a fold in someone’s skinwrinkle the creases on his forehead3 [singular]DSC the line where the player has to stand to hit the ball in cricket
Examples from the Corpus
creaseThere are quotidian bumps and creases and noteworthy spills all along the way that need attention.When I unpacked my suitcase, all my shirts had creases in them.I folded the paper back into its original creases and put it into the drawer.Ribbons of trees along now-dry creeks paint creases of green between charred hills.Use the Steamatic's crease remover accessory with the towel to remove greasy marks and creases from your clothes and curtains.The defendant wore a blue blazer, a white shirt, and gray pants with a sharp crease.Use a brush to push chocolate into the creases of the moulds for an absolutely even finish.From there, Sacco went to the top of the crease hoping for a rebound.When he smiles, you can see the creases around his mouth and his eyes.I'll see if I can iron some of those creases out of your dress.Alice watched her match the trouser creases and set them carefully on the ironing board.There was a deep vertical crease in the driver's door, and the door wasn't hanging right.
creasecrease2 verb [intransitive, transitive] FOLDto become marked with a line or lines, or to make a line appear on cloth, paper etc by folding or crushing itcrumple Don’t sit on my newspaper. You’ll crease it! These trousers crease really easily. A worried frown creased her forehead.creased adjective This shirt is too creased to wear. crease (somebody) up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
creaseObviously, he liked to work amidst clutter, and it wouldn't bother him if a few pages were creased.The younger policeman noticed that his pyjamas were hardly creased.My glasses are creased by running water and I can no longer see past the end of the boat.The way her blouse creased from the waist down, having been tucked in all day.A shadow of a smile creased her mouth; but it was circumstantial, not genuine.These trousers will crease if you don't hang them up properly.Shorr has splattered the work with white paint, and violently creased up the photo underneath.Linen is a beautiful fabric but it creases very easily and needs to be pressed regularly.These pants crease very easily.
Origin crease1 (1500-1600) Probably from crest