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covencov‧en /ˈkʌvən/ noun [countable] ROa group or meeting of witches
Examples from the Corpus
covenThey could have been mistaken for a coven of witches huddling together.Conrad was settled in an armchair in a far corner and felt like a witch in a coven.Such societies or covens batten on their own secrecy.Many of the Witch King's coven fell stone dead.I imagined solemn covens chanting, straggling torchlight processions winding up to mountain tops, stone circles, sacred trees and springs.She was placed in a safe house but later returned to the coven of her own free will.The coven will also employ magic, but this is only secondary to its beliefs and worship.This coven deals in secret assassination.
Origin coven (1600-1700) coven meeting, group of people ((1500-1600)), from Old French covin, from Medieval Latin convenium agreement, from Latin convenire; CONVENIENT