From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcosmoscos‧mos /ˈkɒzmɒs $ ˈkɑːzməs, -moʊs/ noun the cosmos
Examples from the Corpus
cosmosAmong the factors that stand out in the Orphic construal of a cosmos is the nature of time.But when change was in focus, the issue became the unifying and dividing forces which applied to the entire cosmos.Not surprisingly the brilliant pink and red displays of annuals like cosmos attract the artists.I felt formless, part of time and space, an essence, a piece of cosmos.She was studious, read much, and liked to talk about the cosmos.A monistic starting point for the cosmos requires an explanation to account for the variety and multiplicity in the cosmos.So, from a safe distance, he plucked meanings from the cosmos and wove them together in reassurance.They dance off into the cosmos.
Origin cosmos (1200-1300) Greek order, universe