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corporationcor‧po‧ra‧tion /ˌkɔːpəˈreɪʃən $ ˌkɔːr-/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable] 1 BBCCOMPANYa big company, or a group of companies acting together as a single organization He works for a large American corporation. multinational corporations the Siemens Corporationcorporation tax (=tax that companies have to pay on their profits)see thesaurus at company2 an organization or group of organizations that work together for a particular purpose and are officially recognized as one the New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation a housing corporation3 PGPGOVERENMENT British English old use a group of people elected to govern a town or city SYN council
Examples from the Corpus
corporationIBM is one of the biggest corporations in the world.New town development corporations may also be able to assist in the ways described in ii. and iii. above.Commercial paper is sold by large corporations.She's just been appointed chief financial officer of a major corporation.Within modern capitalist societies the monopoly corporations constitute the dominant class fraction.a multinational corporationThe most distinctive institution of capitalist economies is the privately owned corporation.And what worked for a partnership proved disastrous in a publicly owned corporation.Increasing numbers of accounting graduates are working in private corporations.U.S. corporations sold nearly $6.2 billion in new stock in May -- the highest monthly volume in history.Within the corporation, George was something of a legend.corporation taxIt will also save Johnson Matthey advance corporation tax and provide funds for expansion.In such a case the company may face corporation tax arising from the disposal of its chargeable assets.The slump in profits has limited the scope for corporation tax offsets but economic recovery should help ease the problem.The firm has to pay 1050 in corporation tax on the balancing charge and 5340 in capital gains tax.It also offered a complete exemption of corporation tax for 10 years from the start of operations.Let us now consider the effect of the corporation tax.However, when the loan is repaid, the company is entitled to a refund of the corporation tax.Because the money is not subject to corporation tax, the grants are, in effect, worth twice as much.
From King Business Dictionarycorporationcor‧po‧ra‧tion /ˌkɔːpəˈreɪʃənˌkɔːr-/ written abbreviation corp. noun [countable]ORGANIZATIONS1a large company or group of companies acting together as a single organizationthe Sony CorporationMesa has completed its conversion from a partnership to a corporation.2in Britain, a large company or a public organizationthe British Steel Corporationthe Corporation of the City of Londonthe British Broadcasting Corporation de facto corporation development corporation global corporation multinational corporation private corporation public corporation virtual corporation