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corporatecor‧po‧rate /ˈkɔːpərət $ ˈkɔːr-/ ●●○ AWL adjective [only before noun] 1 BBCbelonging to or relating to a corporation The company is moving its corporate headquarters (=main offices) from New York to Houston. Vince is vice-president of corporate communications. Corporate America is not about to be converted to the environmentalist cause. changing the corporate culture (=the way that people in a corporation think and behave) to accept family-friendly policies an advertising campaign intended to reinforce our corporate identity (=the way a company presents itself to the public) the yacht can be hired for corporate hospitality (=entertainment provided by companies for their customers)2 TOGETHERshared by or involving all the members of a group corporate responsibility3 SSOused to describe a group of organizations that form a single group The university is a corporate body made up of several different colleges.corporately adverbCOLLOCATIONSnounscorporate profitsU.S. corporate profits were higher than analysts predicted.corporate culture (=the way the people in a big company think and behave)A company should trust its employees and have an open corporate culture.the corporate sector (=the area of business involving big companies)The UK corporate sector is highly competitive.the corporate worldAfter 15 years, I really wanted to escape the corporate world.corporate finance (=the area of finance relating to the money big companies need to run their businesses)I was trying to get a job in corporate finance.corporate planning/strategy (=the activity of planning what a big company needs to do to succeed)Roche is the man in charge of corporate planning.corporate identity/image (=the way a company presents itself to the public)Our new logo is part of the process of developing our corporate identity.corporate executives/managers (=who work for big companies)highly paid corporate executivescorporate clients/customers (=clients that are companies)It's a big investment bank that serves mainly corporate clients.corporate hospitality (=entertainment provided by companies for their customers)The castle can also be hired for corporate hospitality.corporate powerthe growth of corporate powercorporate structure (=the way in which the parts of a big company are organized)The company has a new corporate structure and a new management.
Examples from the Corpus
corporateA growing number had already been worrying about the social and corporate consequences of such massive restructurings.Prioritizing corporate crime has to be set in context.All types of insurances are handled both for personal and corporate customers.a huge corporate farmThe company's moving its corporate headquarters from St. Louis to Atlanta.The emerging trends for corporate headquarters staff are clear.Ad campaigns are used to both bolster sales and improve corporate image.Fisher, 37, will be responsible for corporate planning.There is nobody at the helm of the corporate ship, because there is no helm.This book deals mainly with the purchase of business assets from a corporate vendor by a corporate purchaser.corporate hospitalityWe have agents and corporate hospitality.This buys them a livery package, plus use of the yacht for corporate hospitality and during Land Rover Cowes Week.The page following features a big and bold advertisement for corporate hospitality and entertainment.A new concept in corporate hospitality is roadshows.Sailing as corporate hospitality took off about a decade ago, with companies looking for a new way of hosting events.corporate bodyBecause, she said, she wanted to devolve power to the individual, not to corporate bodies.Being a representative of a corporation is difficult and partly dependent on status within the corporate body.General Motors provides but one of many examples of that malady in the corporate body.We are considering the rights of individuals as against the rights of the state and of corporate bodies.It is not a separate corporate body distinct from the dominant social elites.Corporate bodies Numbers in brackets indicate that a corporate body or its activities are discussed in the document concerned.As a lecturer, Mr. Page became a member of the university which is a corporate body regulated by Royal Charter.
From King Business Dictionarycorporatecor‧po‧rate1 /ˈkɔːpərətˈkɔːr-/ adjective [only before a noun] COMMERCErelating to a company, usually a large one, or business in general$5 million is to be used to open new stores, relocate to a new warehouse and for other corporate purposes.corporate air travelcorporatecorporate2 noun [countable]1ORGANIZATIONSa company, rather than another type of organizationOur customers are large corporates. body corporate2FINANCE bonds in companies, rather than in other types of organizationmunicipal bonds and investment-grade corporatesOrigin corporate (1500-1600) Latin past participle of corporare to make into a body, from corpus; CORPUS