corner the market

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorner the marketcorner the marketBBTSELLto gain control of the whole supply of a particular kind of goods They’ve been trying to corner the market by buying up all the wheat in sight. corner
Examples from the Corpus
corner the marketThe company has cornered 98% of the fried chicken market.He may deliberately set out to corner the market, but do so by buying at legitimate market prices.But if the Conservative Party thought that it was cornering the market in citizenship, they were to be quickly disillusioned.He cornered the market in heroes, as it were.Think you've bloody cornered the market in love, don't you?The girls who had been in since the start of the war had cornered the market in stripes.Most are the product of one extended family-the Jennings-that has cornered the market on Saturday Night Specials.