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corduroycor‧du‧roy /ˈkɔːdʒərɔɪ, -djə- $ ˈkɔːrdə-/ noun [uncountable] TIMa thick strong cotton cloth with thin raised lines on it, used for making clothes a corduroy jacket
Examples from the Corpus
corduroyThe land around was crumpled with shadow valleys, a corduroy of fields.A corduroy suit is a contradiction: suits are dressy; corduroy is not.In corduroy velvet, denim or linen, the look was relaxed, verging on scruffy.One advantage of corduroy, aside from its warmth and comfort, is the richness it gives colours.Considerable skill was required in the making of corduroy, working-class fabric or not.One pair of shoes, one corduroy skirt, one blouse.Another is upholstered in blood-red corduroy.The child was a girl, wearing corduroy jeans and a red jersey.
Origin corduroy (1700-1800) Perhaps from cord + duroy type of rough woolen cloth ((17-19 centuries))