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copiercop‧i‧er /ˈkɒpiə $ ˈkɑːpiər/ noun [countable] TCa machine that makes exact copies of writing or pictures on paper by photographing them SYN photocopier
Examples from the Corpus
copierArticles can be copies on the Library copier.Flatbed scanners look and work something like office copiers.A fax and photo copier complete the electronic work station.Then still other bands copy the copiers.You are not yet the proud owner of the copier you have come for.A colour photocopier was installed, in addition to the two black and white copiers.Carbon paper executives probably jumped off buildings when they learned about Xerox copiers.
From King Business Dictionarycopiercop‧i‧er /ˈkɒpiəˈkɑːpiər/ noun [countable] OFFICEa photocopier