Word family noun cool coolness cooler coolant adjective cool verb cool adverb coolly
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coolcool1 /kuːl/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective (comparative cooler, superlative coolest) 1 temperatureCOLD low in temperature, but not cold, often in a way that feels pleasant She swam out into the cool water. The evening air was cool. Relax in the sun with a cool drink. the cooler weather of Septembersee thesaurus at cold2 clothing clothing that is cool is made of thin material so that you do not become too hot a cool cotton dress3 calmCALM calm and not nervous, upset, or excitedkeep/stay cool his ability to keep cool in a crisis She looks efficient and as cool as a cucumber. Outwardly she is cool, calm, and collected. a cool customer (=someone who always behaves calmly) Keep a cool head (=stay calm).see thesaurus at calm4 approval informal very attractive, fashionable, interesting etc in a way that people admire – used in order to show approval She’s pretty cool. You look cool in denim. Cool bike! ‘I’m thinking of studying abroad.’ ‘Really? Cool.’see thesaurus at fashionable5 agreement spokenCONVENIENT used to say that you agree with something, that you understand it, or that it does not annoy you OK, Ryan, that’s cool, I can do it. ‘I just have to go, you know.’ ‘It’s all right, it’s cool.’ ‘I’m finished.’ ‘Cool.’cool about My mum was cool about whatever I wore.something is cool with somebody Is Friday cool with you guys?somebody is cool with something ‘Do you want to come over and watch a video tonight?’ ‘I’m cool with that.’ 6 not friendlyUNFRIENDLY behaving in a way that is not as friendly as you expect My proposal met with a cool response. Luke gave her a cool look.7 colourCC a cool colour is one, such as blue or green, that makes you think of cool things8 a cool million/hundred thousand etccoolness noun [uncountable] the coolness of the nightscoolly adverb She nodded coolly and walked out.
Examples from the Corpus
coolMany young people start smoking because they think it looks cool.Oh, look at you, you look so cool.Pizza, yeah, that would be cool.Her gaze was decidedly cool.She felt cool and in control until they called out her name.It was a lot cooler and windier than earlier in the week.Although the days are very hot, it's much cooler at night.Can I interest you in a nice, cool drink?Set peel aside in a cool dry place overnight.Store the seeds in a cool, dry place.To put a cool hand in the world that had daunted my adult sleep.Ruth put her cool hand on my burning forehead.It gets much cooler in the evenings.Madison is a really cool name for a girl.She felt a fleeting distant surprise as the cool night air whispered over her skin.The warm eggs hatch as larger babies than the cool ones.It's much cooler over here in the shade.Rune's whole body shivered as her cool palms moved spasmodically over his heated flesh.Medicine should always be stored in a cool place.Summer is the time for cool, refreshing fruit salads.The cool relationship between the two men affected the entire team.Cover and let rest for 1 hour at cool room temperature or for up to 4 hours in the refrigerator before serving.a cool sea breezeThese are the coolest shoes.He was wearing these really cool sunglasses.Most of the other students were too cool to have done anything hasty like purchase the books for the course.I slid into bed between cool white headAbout the Holocaust, Ludens had prided himself on keeping, as a historian, a cool head.It was therefore essential to have a co-organizer, some one who would keep a cool head.With only nine more needed after the interval it had come down to the batsmen keeping cool heads.Mr Spinetta has, however, shown a cool head in the way he has used the money at his disposal.look coolTo feel cool on those steamy, languid summer days ahead, it helps to look cool.Vashti McKenzie, looking cool and calm in a royal blue Africaninspired two-piece dress that swept the floor.He looked cool and infinitely experienced, listening apparently with grave attention to the herald's formal announcement.At the moment it was half open, the dim light in the hall looking cool and restful after the outside glare.For these folks, the images and text that are supposed to look cool appear as a confusing jumble.It looks cool, it's well put together, and the keyboard and mice are well thought out.Doesn't Mr Hipsway look cool, ladies? it’s coolThe time I like best is the evening when it's cool.There's a second road, parallel to Main Street, up the hill because it's cooler.Once it's cool, cover it and keep it at 5°C or colder, or freeze it.Why it's cool to be gone with the wind.It's cooling, you might lookTake a long, cool look at your shares.
coolcool2 ●●○ S3 verb 1 [intransitive, transitive] (also cool down)COLD to make something slightly colder, or to become slightly colder The air conditioning doesn’t seem to be cooling the room much. Allow the biscuits to cool for five minutes. a cooling breeze2 [intransitive]LESS if a feeling, emotion, or relationship cools, it becomes less strong The affair had cooled, on her side at least. When tempers had cooled, he apologized.3 cool it4 cool your heels cool down cool off→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
coolInterest in the toys is finally cooling.Most liquids contract steadily as they cool.She took the cake out of the oven and left it on the kitchen table to cool.The magma would then cool and harden, adding to the four-mile-thick slab of moving crust.An electrically heated wire is cooled by the flow, the rate of cooling depending on the velocity.Blow on the soup first to cool it.He'd cool off while he took a walk.Leave to cool on a wire rack. 7 Decorate with glacé fruits and drizzle with glacé icing.Remove and allow to cool slightly.Cool the cookies before storing them in an airtight container.Cool the jam by stirring it before putting it into jars.Pausing to get his bearings, he blew furiously on his fingers to cool them down.a drink that will cool you down on a hot summer day
coolcool3 noun 1 the cool2 keep your cool3 lose your cool
Examples from the Corpus
coolHe liked to take a stroll in the cool of the evening.
coolcool4 adverb play it coolOrigin cool1 Old English col