Word family noun cook cooker cookery cooking adjective cookeduncooked overcookedundercooked cooking verb cook overcookundercook
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
Related topics: Household, Food
cookercook‧er /ˈkʊkə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English 1 DHa large piece of equipment for cooking food on or in SYN stove American English a gas cooker2 DFa fruit, especially an apple, that is suitable for cooking but not for eating raw
Examples from the Corpus
cookerThis might connect with experiences of seeing liquids boiling away on a cooker.In the mid-1950s nearly half of all cookers used by consumers were still on hire.Plastic pipe should not be installed near hot appliances such as cookers.But in 1940, nobody was looking for a new type of cooker.Most experts agree that if you can afford it, you should buy one of the new generation of pressure cookers.a rice cookerLuckily the little rusty cookers themselves stood up to the punishment.The famous Bramleys Seedling cooker will not pollinate others, thus two others from the same group are needed.Liability in this case would depend on why the cooker exploded.