Word family noun continuationdiscontinuation continuitydiscontinuity adjective continual continueddiscontinued continuousdiscontinuous verb continuediscontinue adverb continually continuously
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continuouscon‧tin‧u‧ous /kənˈtɪnjuəs/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective 1 CONTINUOUScontinuing to happen or exist without stoppingcontinue continuous economic growth a continuous flow of information2 CONTINUOUSsomething such as a line that is continuous does not have any spaces or holes in it OPP broken3 continuous assessment4 SLG technical the continuous form of a verb shows that an action is continuing. In English, this is formed by the verb ‘be’, followed by a present participle, as in ‘I was waiting for the bus.’simplecontinuously adverb UMNO had ruled Malaysia continuously since independence.
Examples from the Corpus
continuousThe most interesting of Parnas's points was that there are two kinds of complex systems: continuous, and discontinuous.Ultimately systems should be designed with user involvement at every stage, on a continuous and evolutionary basis.Some are comprehensive and cover short-term exports on a continuous basis, others are tailored for specific contracts.CNN provided continuous coverage of the trial.Although we nearly always need extra drivers, we cannot guarantee continuous employment.a continuous improvement in customer serviceClassical elasticity assumes this to be the case and it has been very successful with continuous media.There was also an overall speeding up of things because of the continuous nature of automatic control.continuous news coverageExecutive Programmes cater for mainly company sponsored participants who attend residential programmes on a continuous or modular basis.The monotonous sound of the train was an invitation to float, the engine emitting smooth, continuous snorts and sneezes.The curd is cut, stirred, and heated with continuous stirring to separate curd and whey.a continuous trail along the ridgeThe campsites have had three decades of continuous use.continuous flowIn continuous flow analyzers, all Specimens flow through the Same tubing.Hence, carry-over or cross-contamination can occur in continuous flow analyzers if suitable precautions are not taken.The run-on lines create a continuous flow capturing the rush of Bedivere.From the holding silo grain passes over the continuous flow drier and any overflow travels back to the holding silos.We hoped for a continuous flow of information and exchange of art and culture between the two countries.Separation of the components on or in the stationary phase by a continuous flow of the mobile phase.
Origin continuous (1600-1700) Latin continuus, from continere; CONTAIN