From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontestantcon‧tes‧tant /kənˈtestənt/ noun [countable] COMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEATsomeone who competes in a contest
Examples from the Corpus
contestantContestants for the game show go through a tough selection process.Asking contestants to now get real and find an individual style is confusing the game.Each contestant has to answer questions on a variety of subjects.The bout is over as soon as either contestant achieves that score.The next contestant is Alice Myers from Vancouver.The next contestant is Diane Massa of Bay Ridge.At 8am each morning, the 80-odd contestants were expected to run a full marathon while it was still cool enough.a beauty pageant contestantSuzanne was a beauty-queen contestant in college.The questions that contestants must answer get more difficult as the game goes on.In such cases, the official acting on behalf of the contestant may approach the arbitrator directly.Dealers would put down the phones, crowding in a circle round the contestants.By the end of the show, the contestants are perched on piles of pillows of varying heights.The first half of the match has finished with the contestants level at 6 points each.Cunningly simple: two contestants, three rounds and a panel of three celebrity judges.