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constituentcon‧sti‧tu‧ent1 /kənˈstɪtʃuənt/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable] 1 PPVsomeone who votes in a particular area2 PARTone of the substances or things that combine to form somethingconstituent of Sodium is one of the constituents of salt.
Examples from the Corpus
constituentA disabled constituent of mine was short changed by more than £2 in his community care grant for an orthopaedic bed.These distinctive characteristics come from differences in minute quantities of flavouring constituents whose concentrations are at the threshold of human sensory perception.Glutathione is an important constituent of intracellular protective mechanisms against a number of noxious stimuli including oxidative stress.Scientists have to break the compound down into its constituents in order to analyze it.Magnesium and sodium are the main constituents of salt.The predominant clay mineral constituents in lake muds from both regions include smectite, illite-smectites and lesser kaolinite.They are a complex mixture of up to 80 percent hydrocarbons with smaller amounts of fatty acids, alkyl esters and other constituents.Police found the constituents of a bomb inside an abandoned car.It also put pressure on them to show their constituents some real action.Can he say anything this afternoon that will enable me to reassure my very worried constituents?
constituentconstituent2 ●○○ AWL adjective [only before noun] formal PARTbeing one of the parts of something the EU and its constituent members
Examples from the Corpus
constituentVoters also heavily endorsed a clause on the ballot paper calling for the convening of a constituent assembly to reform the Constitution.Such displacements can be decomposed into constituent displacements along standard directions.Lack of consent is therefore not a constituent element in theft.Each constituent group has its unique role and set of interests.These states are constituent parts of the United States.The treaty will give even greater powers to the country's 15 constituent republics.The theorem is applicable to polygons whose constituent triangles share the above properties.As a result segmentation of the signal into the constituent units of speech is difficult and requires knowledge of the language.
Origin constituent1 (1700-1800) French constituant, from the present participle of constituer to constitute, from Latin constituere; CONSTITUTE constituent2 (1600-1700) Latin present participle of constituere; CONSTITUTE