Word family noun consent adjective consensual verb consent
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsentcon‧sent1 /kənˈsent/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [uncountable] 1 LET/ALLOWpermission to do something He took the car without the owner’s consent. Her parents gave their consent to the marriage. A patient can refuse consent for a particular treatment at any time. Most owners are happy to have their names used for publicity if this is done with their prior consent. Informed consent was obtained from all participants before the study began. age of consent2 AGREEagreement about somethingdissent The chairman was elected by common consent (=with most people agreeing). divorce by mutual consent (=by agreement between both the people involved)COLLOCATIONSverbsgive (somebody) your consentThe child’s parents have to give their consent to the operation.have somebody’s consentHe claimed to have the consent of the car’s owner.get somebody’s consent (also obtain somebody’s consent formal)Your solicitor will need to obtain your signed consent.something requires somebody’s consentYour consent is required before we can apply for a medical report.grant consent formal (=give it formally)The local council was prepared to grant consent to the project.refuse (your) consentWhen the firm applied for consent to build on the site, it was refused.withhold (your) consent (=not give it)A patient has the right to withhold consent to treatment.adjectiveswritten consentIf you are under 18, you need your parents’ written consent to get married.verbal consent (=spoken consent)He gave his verbal consent to have the interview taped.parental consent (=from someone’s parents)Students may not be absent from school without parental consent.somebody’s prior consent (=consent before you do something)Do not take photographs of people without obtaining their prior consent.informed consent (=based on full information about what will happen)The men took part in this study after giving informed consent (=consent that is given in a verbal or written way, and not consent that you assume someone gives)Your medical records will only be released with your express consent.tacit consent (=one that is not given verbally or in writing, but that you feel someone has given)If you continue to live in a particular state when it is possible to leave, this implies tacit consent to that state’s political system. planning consent British English (=consent to build a new building or change an old one)You will need to apply for planning consent.phrasesthe age of consent (=the age at which someone can legally marry or have sex)She was fifteen, under the age of consent, when she became pregnant.
Examples from the Corpus
consentIn this case a consent application should be filed in writing and signed by all parties.A consent, however, is a movable threshold.His answer depends on a distinction between tacit and explicit consent.All subjects gave informed consent for the study, which was approved by the local ethical committee.Who's afraid of informed consent?In extreme circumstances the customer or supplier may seek to use its strong position and extract personal benefits in return for giving its consent.The young couple were married without their parents' consent.I was too young to sign the consent form and when Malc arrived, he also was found to be too young.The city authorities have given their consent to leases on two buildings in the centre of Moscow.The battery action protects personal integrity and guards against treatment without consent.Before a woman can have an abortion, she needs to have written consent from two doctors.Informed consentA minor seeking an abortion was required to obtain parental consent. Informed consent.The control subjects had received neither aspirin nor NSAIDs in the three months before study. Informed consent was obtained before mutual consentIf this is the case, the exemption no longer applies to couples living apart by mutual consent.One woman left the training program early by mutual consent.Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer.I left home by mutual consent!During the meal, as if by mutual consent, they talked of other things, but it was difficult.One elderly woman quickly left the program by mutual consent.Any disputes must be settled by mutual consent.
consentconsent2 ●○○ AWL verb [intransitive] LET/ALLOWto give your permission for something or agree to do something OPP refuseconsent to Her father reluctantly consented to the marriage.consent to do something He rarely consents to do interviews.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
consentConsent Defendants who plead not guilty to rape, generally do so on the ground that the victim consented.But she can never entirely master a human soul - not unless you consent to it!Such blasphemers by the Mosaic law were to be stoned to death and for his part he could freely consent to it.She was a homeless wanderer until tiny Delos alone of all places on earth consented to receive her.He could not consent to the wounds.Democratic audiences had to consent to this approach.consent to do somethingBut would Mr Moon consent to come alone?Gandhi felt that the size of the refund was less important than the plantation owners' consent to it.Certainly one or the other would consent to take his place in the world of the dead.He consented to talk and to look at Leonard's work.That may occur even though the owner has permitted or consented to the property being taken.The fact that they controlled the company which consented to the transfer was irrelevant in the light of their dishonest appropriation.In logic there can be no difference between an ability to consent to treatment and an ability to refuse treatment.
From King Business Dictionaryconsentcon‧sent /kənˈsent/ noun [uncountable]1permission to do something, especially by someone who has authority or responsibilityHe took the car without the owner’s consent.The city authorities have given their consent to leases on two buildings.2agreement about somethingThe chairman was elected by common consent (=with most people agreeing).His contract is to be terminated by mutual consent (=by agreement between both sides).3LAW willing agreement to a contract and its conditions, without any force or dishonesty having been used. If someone has given consent, a court can force them to obey the contractExcept under special circumstances the parents or guardians of the child must give their consent to the adoption.Origin consent2 (1200-1300) Latin consentire, from com- (COM-) + sentire to feel