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consensuscon‧sen‧sus /kənˈsensəs/ ●○○ AWL noun [singular, uncountable] PPAGREEan opinion that everyone in a group agrees with or accepts SYN agreementconsensus on/about a lack of consensus about the aims of the projectconsensus that There is a consensus among teachers that children should have a broad understanding of the world. The EU Council of Finance Ministers failed to reach a consensus on the pace of integration. the current consensus of opinion The general consensus was that technology was a good thing. the consensus politics of the fiftiesCOLLOCATIONSverbsreach a consensus (also arrive at a consensus)The committee found that it was unable to reach a consensus.achieve a consensusWill further talks achieve a consensus on the UN peace plan?build a consensus (=gradually achieve a consensus)Canada worked on building a consensus among national governments.a consensus emerges (=is reached after talking about something)No consensus emerged from these discussions.adjectivesnational/international consensusThere was no international consensus on how to deal with the situation.political/scientific etc consensusThe scientific consensus is that global warming is already occurring.general consensusMost decisions are reached by general consensus.broad consensus (=general)There is a broad consensus that sport is good for you.clear consensus (=one that people agree on and understand)There was no clear consensus about the future direction of the company.growing consensus (=one that more people are agreeing on)The growing consensus is that we should focus on economic efficiency.strong consensusThere is a strong consensus that it is time for a change of leadership.phrasesa consensus of opinionThere are still areas where no consensus of opinion has been reached.a lack of consensusNothing was done because of a lack of consensus on the matter.
Examples from the Corpus
consensusThere appears to be a consensus of opinion that the pilot was not at fault.Analysts surveyed by First Call / Thomson Financial had forecast a consensus 59 cents per share.I am convinced, having talked to the groups, that a consensus could have been reached.The delegates will continue to meet until a consensus is reached.They all have the reputation of being consensus politicians.Most decisions are reached by general consensus with a minimum of formal voting. 7.There is still no general consensus on what our future policy should be.There was a growing consensus that the Prime Minister should resign.Like other scientists, obesity researchers are supposed to work by a process of consensus.Events in Eastern Europe shifted popular consensus against a new generation of nuclear weapons.At the local level it was expressed by a shared set of values and policies, operating within a welfare state consensus.The consensus politics of the post-1945 period in which so many of our demands were rooted is no more.The consensus was to discontinue the march against General Paredes in Guadalajara and to attack the capital immediately.The consensus of opinion seems to be that the Prime Minister should resign.consensus politicsHincmar may have idealised ninth-century consensus politics; but his picture had a basis in reality.It was the most important disavowal consensus politics in recent history.The erosion of consensus politics overtook local government as it did many other areas of public life.The practice of consensus politics has meant no determined action against inequalities by any Labour government.The consensus politics of the post-1945 period in which so many of our demands were rooted is no more.
From King Business Dictionaryconsensuscon‧sen‧sus /kənˈsensəs/ noun [singular, uncountable]1agreement among a group of peopleThe leaders failed to reach a consensus on the issue of trade barriers.The talks are aimed at building a consensus.2the opinion that most people in a group haveThe general consensus was that she would make a good chief executive officer.Origin consensus (1600-1700) Latin from the past participle of consentire; CONSENT2