Word family noun subconscious unconscious consciousness unconsciousness adjective consciousunconscious subconscious adverb subconsciously consciouslyunconsciously
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consciouscon‧scious /ˈkɒnʃəs $ ˈkɑːn-/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective 1 aware [not before noun]NOTICE noticing or realizing something SYN awareconscious of (doing) something I became conscious of someone watching me. I was very conscious of the fact that I had to make a good impression.conscious that She was conscious that Marie was listening to every word.2 awakeMCONSCIOUS awake and able to understand what is happening around you OPP unconscious The driver was still conscious when the ambulance arrived.3 conscious effort/decision/attempt etc4 concernedTHINK ABOUT thinking a lot about or concerned about somethingpolitically/environmentally/socially etc conscious environmentally conscious consumershealth-conscious/fashion-conscious etc Many employers are becoming more safety-conscious.conscious of She was very conscious of security. self-conscious5 thoughts conscious thoughts, memories etc are ones which you know aboutsubconscious the conscious mind Without conscious thought, she instinctively placed a hand on his arm. It affects the audience at a deeper, less conscious level.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 4: thinking a lot about or concerned about somethingadverbssocially/politically/environmentally etc conscious (=conscious of social/political etc issues)We have all become more environmentally conscious.NOUN + conscioushealth consciousPeople are health conscious nowadays and careful about what they consciousYoung girls are always very fashion consciousMost airports are extremely security consciousWorkers are encouraged to be safety conscious.cost consciousCompanies keen to increase their profits have to be cost conscious.class conscious (=concerned about what class of society people come from)In the past, people were much more class conscious.
Examples from the Corpus
consciousIt is widely agreed that interests can only meaningfully be attributed to beings which are, or have been, conscious.Francis was found in the car's trunk, covered in blood but conscious.Frank was found lying beside the road, covered in blood but still conscious.The man was so drunk that he was barely conscious.I could have wished she was conscious.It would have an elite of politically conscious and publicly conscientious active citizens and a majority of couldn't-care-less passive citizens.Dylan's latest record is a conscious attempt to break away from his old image and try out a new style.She was conscious, but could not speak because of the gash at her throat.But these should occur as a result of tradition or of conscious choice rather than of necessity.Julia made a conscious effort to appear unconcerned, even though she was very upset.I began to be conscious even of the kidney shape.He would have become conscious of it and put it away, but he didn't.Perhaps West who had been very conscious of social needs, had had an influence on his thoughts on such matters.conscious thatPerhaps conscious that he had gained a megaphone reputation, Meacher had settled down to his own social security review.He sits silent in the Senate, and seems to be conscious that he is no politician.I am conscious that I have set discovery learning in the past.I became very conscious that I must cover my chest.For many years I was conscious that I was the first woman in my very large extended family to do this.Stanley was conscious that Mrs. Olenska was looking at him.I was never conscious that my attire was odd until I had my first normal boy's gear.She is not a vain woman, but she is always conscious that others are looking at her.Tories are also conscious that the image of Unionism is such that any agreement would attract inevitable criticism from opposition parties.conscious ofLydia had always been very conscious of her foreign accent.Frith was suddenly conscious of the fact that Laurie was frightened.
Origin conscious (1500-1600) Latin conscius, from com- (COM-) + scire to know