Word family noun connection connectedness connector adjective connecteddisconnectedunconnected verb connectdisconnect
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconnectcon‧nect /kəˈnekt/ ●●● S2 W2 verb 1 join things [transitive]JOIN something TOGETHER to join two or more things togetherconnect something to/with something The railway link would connect Felixstowe with Fishguard. Connect the speakers to the CD player. We’d like two rooms with connecting doors (=doors that join the rooms).2 relationship [transitive]CONNECTED WITH to realize or show that a fact, event, or person is related to something I didn’t connect the two events in my mind.connect somebody/something with something There is no evidence to connect them with the attack.3 electricity/telephone etc [intransitive, transitive]JOIN something TOGETHER to join something to the main supply of electricity, gas, or water, or to a telephone or computer network OPP disconnectconnect to Click here to connect to the Internet. Has the phone been connected yet? The power supply should be connected by a qualified electrician.4 transport [intransitive]TT if one train, flight etc connects with another, it arrives just before the other one leaves so that you can continue your journey I missed the connecting flight.connect with/to This train connects with the one to Glasgow. From Toronto you can connect to all other Air Canada destinations.5 telephones [transitive]TCT to join two telephone lines so that two people can speak Please hold the line. I’m trying to connect you. 6 hit something [intransitive]HIT to succeed in hitting someone or something He swung at the ball, but didn’t connect.7 understand people [intransitive] especially American EnglishRELATIONSHIP if people connect, they feel that they like each other and understand each otherconnect with They valued her ability to empathize and connect with others. connect something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
connectThe two lakes are connected by a narrow canal.It connected callers with Sexy Susie, offering a range of non-financial adult services.In the first inning, Mitchell connected for his 19th home run of the season.Regional networks evolved from networks that originally connected geographically proximate universities.The government was planning a new railway connecting Marseille and Paris.The Kathmandu-Lhasa Highway connects Nepal and Tibet.The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco with Marin County.The umbilical cord connects the baby to the placenta.I'd probably know Phil by sight, but I just can't connect the face and the name.Jennings has twisted the ligaments which connect the knee-cap and the lower part of the leg.The hoses which connect the radiator to the engine are leaking.Have you connected the speakers to the amplifier?The scanner is connected to a computer that prints the name and price of each grocery item at the checkout.Millions of people tried to connect to the site, but only thousands got in.Home workers are connected with the office by the Internet.It is the sensation connected with this muscle activity that we associate with having weight.That meant people connected with us.Please hold. I'll try to connect you.connecting doorsOn the first floor there would be four equal open bays, with no connecting doors.The Cabinet committee over, we went through the connecting doors to Number 10 itself and a meeting of the full Cabinet.connect somebody/something with somethingThey didn't connect Mrs. Jennings with the crime at first.connect with/toThey need to be able to connect with a strong male figure, identify with him.The transition-scheme description is connected to descriptions in terms of biological variables by utilizing the fact of hierarchy.It seemed likely that Stanley's stroke was connected with his lifestyle.All the clients and all the servers are connected to one another by the Internet.A hose pipe was connected to the exhaust. police said there were no suspicious circumstances.It explains how to make sure that fathers are emotionally connected to their children when they are home and when they travel.This means that lecturers and tutors will have to find ways of connecting with their students' outlooks.connect withThe 49 bus goes across the Dumbarton Bridge and #connects with CalTrain in Palo Alto.They valued Deanna's ability to empathize and connect with others.
Origin connect (1400-1500) Latin connectere, from com- (COM-) + nectere to tie