Word family noun confidence confidant confidentiality adjective confident confidential verb confide adverb confidently confidentially
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconfidentialitycon‧fi‧den‧ti‧al‧i‧ty /ˌkɒnfədenʃiˈæləti $ ˌkɑːn-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable] SECRETa situation in which you trust someone not to tell secret or private information to anyone else The relationship between attorney and client is based on confidentiality.breach of confidentiality (=when someone gives away information they have promised to keep secret) It’s a breach of confidentiality for a priest to reveal what someone has said in the confessional.
Examples from the Corpus
confidentialityData encryption ensures the privacy and confidentiality of email messages.Please forward the profile to your client, together with the attached confidentiality letter.Alexander declined comment, citing attorney-client confidentiality.Alexander declined to comment, citing attorney--client confidentiality.Researchers should always be able to guarantee complete confidentiality for their subjects.You doctor should not have told your parents about the abortion -- that was a blatant breach of confidentiality.But congressional investigators said bank claims of confidentiality kept them from establishing precisely how much profit banks are reaping from the surcharges.The health clinic has again been caught violating patient confidentiality.The purchaser should be prepared to sign a target's confidentiality undertaking.Short confidentiality clauses in standard conditions are really only precautionary measures to be relied upon in an emergency.Information memoranda should not be sent to interested parties until a signed confidentiality letter has been received.The appropriate method will depend on the business being sold, the confidentiality required, and the anticipated demand from purchasers.The confidentiality letter should cover both the memorandum and also any additional information which might be subsequently released.breach of confidentialityIt is the client's business that may be damaged by a breach of confidentiality.It is a breach of confidentiality for a priest to reveal what someone has confessed.Any breach of confidentiality concerning their children is something they have to nip in the bud right now.The Act provides protection from suits by clients or employers for breaches of confidentiality.
From King Business Dictionaryconfidentialitycon‧fi‧den‧ti‧al‧i‧ty /ˌkɒnfədenʃiˈælətiˌkɑːn-/ noun [uncountable] the practice of keeping private information secretHe raised concerns that departmental confidentiality had been breached.a confidentiality agreement