From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconducivecon‧du‧cive /kənˈdjuːsɪv $ -ˈduː-/ adjective be conducive to something
Examples from the Corpus
conduciveThat kind of jealous behaviour isn't conducive to having a healthy, strong relationship.Marquez concluded that the generally disturbed conditions were conducive to his plan.The more radical strategies will not be feasible unless the political climate of the organisation is conducive to major change.The account, I consider, is not conducive to professional or racial harmony.Other things being equal, visual improvements are conducive to survival and reproduction.Sloping, well-drained land is conducive to the right amount of ch'i.This situation was hardly conducive to the unification of the country through the medium of the press.The blazing sun and swaying boat were hardly conducive to yuletide cheer.