From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconditionsconditions[plural] the situation in which people live or work, especially the physical things that affect the quality of their lives Conditions in the prison were conditions an attempt to improve living conditions for the working classes Poor working conditions lead to demoralized and unproductive appalling/overcrowded/dreadful etc conditions These children work 70 metres below ground in appalling conditions. In May, staff went on strike, demanding better pay and conditions. condition
Examples from the Corpus
pay and conditionsThe company had no unions, and pay and conditions were superior for the area.Part of the profit would go towards improving pay and conditions for army officers.There has been considerable discontent among teachers over pay and conditions.Monitoring work patterns, pay and conditions.Reforms of ranks, pay and conditions would also have to await the Sheehy inquiry, Mr Lang added.I remember when sick pay and conditions were added and when, under the wages councils, wage rates were raised.These are the pay and conditions which were imposed following the long spell of industrial action.The annual award is normally given to a boss providing the worst pay and conditions but because of unemployment no one is making nominations.
conditionsconditions[plural] the weather at a particular time, especially when you are considering how this affects people The conditions during the first half of the match were appalling.cold/windy/icy etc conditions In cold conditions you’ll need a sleeping bag with a hood. the worsening weather conditions condition
Examples from the Corpus
cold/windy/icy etc conditionsDuring this resting period the seeds can survive both dry and cold conditions.Clearly, icy conditions are a risk factor for old folks.Do it in daylight, in the dark, when it's raining and in windy conditions. 2.A Look for a low slung stove with a wide base to give extra stability in windy conditions and on rough ground.Rectangular bags are generally only useful for family camping in summer, and will not keep you warm in cold conditions.Scores were going to be high in the rainy, windy conditions.Severe cold conditions could lead to a big increase in cod numbers.The plants in high altitudes were the equivalent of an arctic flora, both adapted to cold conditions.
conditionsconditions[plural] all the things that affect the way something happensunder ... conditions Under normal conditions, people will usually do what requires least effort. Under these conditions, the fire can be rapidly controlled. Profits increased by £1.5m, despite the difficult economic conditions. The combination of rain and greasy surfaces made driving conditions treacherous. condition
Examples from the Corpus
under ... conditionsUnder such conditions, what one group considers of value and of import may not necessarily have similar meaning for the others.Under these conditions new, mutually unintelligible languages will eventually arise.I say potentially because under designated conditions, many of these benefits are not taxable to your employees.Laser vaporization in a heated tube provides a means for synthesizing fullerenes by carbon condensation under controlled conditions.You will need to extend normal flight monitoring when flying under I/F conditions.The railways had to accommodate a wide variety of produce under different conditions and at different times of the year.Together we dissected the organs from frozen shrimp under the surreal conditions of a red-lit laboratory.Slavery is, then, under certain conditions, a highly profitable system of exploitation.