Word family noun condition precondition conditioner conditioning adjective conditionalunconditional verb condition adverb conditionallyunconditionally
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conditioningcon‧di‧tion‧ing /kənˈdɪʃənɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] SSFORCE somebody TO DO somethingthe process by which people or animals are trained to behave in a particular way when particular things happen Social conditioning makes crying more difficult for men. air conditioning
Examples from the Corpus
conditioningAsk for the facts on electric air conditioning.They incorporated all the Mark 3 features of air conditioning, insulation and good riding.It is used in refrigeration, air conditioning, aerosols and foams.B.F. Skinner emphasised that during instrumental conditioning an organism learns a response by operating on its environment.But there are other forms of conditioning, too.Operant conditioning involves contiguity, in that the reinforcing event follows closely the production of a response.These causes are not necessarily genetic, but may include environmental factors such as upbringing in the family, social conditioning and so on.Most adults are unaware of the social conditioning they have been subject to since childhood.Odd litters can be born at any time of the year, weather controlling the conditioning of the does.