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concertcon‧cert /ˈkɒnsət $ ˈkɑːnsərt/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 APMa performance given by musicians or singers a rock concert a concert of French choral music We were going to a concert in Bath Abbey. She still does about 100 concerts every year.2 in concert (with somebody)COLLOCATIONSverbsgo to a concert (also attend a concert formal)Do you want to go to the concert in the park this weekend?give/do a concertThe group gave concerts for charity throughout in/perform in a concertI'm playing in a jazz concert on Saturday night.put on a concert (also stage a concert formal) (=arrange one)The music club puts on regular concerts throughout the year.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + concerta pop/rock/jazz/classical concertThere were 150,000 people at the rock concert in orchestral concert/a symphony concert (=one in which an orchestra plays)Tickets for orchestral concerts range from $15 to $35. a live concert (=that you watch as the performers play, rather than as a recording)a live concert in front of 500 fansan open-air/outdoor concertClapton thrilled fans at a huge outdoor concert in New York.a charity concert (=performed to raise money for charity)600 tickets have already been sold for the charity concert in June.a gala concert (=performed to celebrate a special occasion)a 75th anniversary gala concerta brass-band concert (=performed by a brass band)concert + NOUNa concert performanceShe gave a number of concert performances in Berlin.a concert tour (=a journey made by musicians to perform in different places)This year we did a concert tour of the United States.a concert hallOn the last night, the concert hall was packed.a concert ticketConcert tickets are available from $17.50.a concert pianist (=who performs in concerts)Her ambition was to become a concert pianist.
Examples from the Corpus
concertOh, and 45 world-famous orchestras, 21 conductors, 18 concert pianists and the Nobel Prize Committee.Various performers will present a concert of Broadway music to benefit AIDS charities.On Friday we're going to a concert of modern African music.Magee College hosts a programme of special events that includes art exhibitions and concerts by folk musicians of local and national reputation.There's a free band concert in Reid Park this afternoon.Amanda has a solo in the school chorus concert this year.I wanted to talk to the famous pianist before his concert.He or she will, they know, respond to events in concert with the vision and known values.But this night was different form the Sunday-night concerts.Call the Rialto concert hotline, 740-0126, for more information.Over the past four years the concerts have raised more than £1,300 and have become one of the highlights of the village year.
Origin concert (1500-1600) French Italian concerto, from concertare; CONCERTED