Word family noun conception adjective conceivableinconceivable verb conceive
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conceptioncon‧cep‧tion /kənˈsepʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun 1 [countable, uncountable]IDEA an idea about what something is like, or a general understanding of somethingconceptconception of the conception of parliamentary democracy changing conceptions of the worldhave (no) conception of something They have no conception of what women really feel and want.2 [uncountable]INVENT a process in which someone forms a plan or ideaconceive the original conception of the book3 HBH[countable, uncountable] the process by which a woman or female animal becomes pregnant, or the time when this happensconceive the moment of conception
Examples from the Corpus
conceptionRheinhold argues that life does not begin at conception.In rabbinic canon law, the rabbi explained, human life does not simply begin at conception.If we adopt the more expansive conception of democracy which has been used throughout this book, the case is even stronger.And, indeed, his theory is firmly rooted in his conception of equilibrium.Since its conception, two of the airlines that used the old airport as a hub have disappeared.An enactment which threatened the essential elements of any plausible conception of democratic government would lie beyond those boundaries.We can take as one starting point Tocqueville's conception of democracy, which I have already briefly sketched in the Introduction.Straczynski is responsible not only for the conception of the show, but for most of its scripts.A constructivist would deny the existence of anything that corresponds to this conception of a phenomenal screen.For in fact, Co-operation does not fit comfortably into the Webbs' conception of Socialism.have (no) conception of somethingAnd in historical terms, many societies have no conception of a distinct political order.They have no conception of what women really feel and want!You seem to have no conception of where we stand!We have no conception of the interconnections that influence us in our associations of words and meanings.Until you have known it you will have no conception of what it is to be truly lonely.It is true enough to say that we would have no conception of it.
Origin conception (1300-1400) Old French Latin conceptio, from concipere; CONCEIVE