Word family noun concept conceptualization adjective conceptual verb conceptualize adverb conceptually
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconceptcon‧cept /ˈkɒnsept $ ˈkɑːn-/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun [countable] IDEAan idea of how something is, or how something should be doneconcept of the concept of total patient care the concept of infinite spaceconcept that the concept that we are citizens of one world a new concept in business travel our basic concepts of decent human behaviour It’s very simple, once you grasp the concept.see thesaurus at ideaCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa new conceptPart of a teacher’s job is to introduce new concepts to students.a basic/fundamental conceptThe children are taught the basic concepts of mathematics.a key/central/important conceptThe title tells you something about the central concept of the poem.a difficult conceptDifficult concepts can sometimes be explained by diagrams or graphs.a simple conceptCause and effect is a fairly simple concept.the whole concept of somethingSome people reject the whole concept of evolution.a general/broad conceptThe book begins with some general historical abstract concept (=based on general ideas rather than on something that exists)He finds it hard to grasp abstract concepts.a theoretical concept (=that exists only as a theory)The theoretical concepts of psychology, for example Freud’s ideas, are also useful in the study of literature.a legal/mathematical/marketing etc conceptDemocracy is a very important political alien concept (=an idea that is very strange or that does not exist)In many countries, queuing for a bus is an alien ambiguous/vague concept (=one that is not clear or is hard to define)Creativity is an ambiguous concept.verbshave a concept of somethingAnimals have no concept of their own mortality.understand a conceptThe class will help you understand the basic concepts of physics.grasp a concept (=understand it)Children often grasp new concepts more quickly than adults.introduce a conceptThe first year of the course introduces the basic concepts of management.develop a conceptThe Greeks developed the concept of a scientific theory.
Examples from the Corpus
conceptThere is a continuing discussion as to what a concept really is.She thinks that marriage is an old-fashioned concept.The Read codes adopt a particular approach to the representation of medical concepts.The modular concept of custom-fitting a work space has taken on residential refinements.Clearly, though, the best way to improve your presentation skills is through practice and constructive criticism, hardly new concepts.The idea of a soul is a religious concept.However, given finite resources, concepts of effectiveness and efficiency must be considered alongside concepts of need.They are then arranged in a concept/keyword map that combines the syllabus concepts and the relevant subject content of indexed resources.To understand the nature of this challenge, we must first come to terms with the concept of a physical field.What's your concept of an ideal society?basic conceptsThe Certificate is about basic concepts and covers some seven subjects.People experience modernity without understanding its foundations, its basic concepts.They are scrambling definitions of basic concepts like quality, time, and values.At the centre of Piaget's theory lie a number of basic concepts that owe a great deal to his interest in biology.Consequently the basic concepts have been division of labour, organisational structure, job descriptions, but above all - hierarchy.This section has introduced some of the basic concepts used by many sociologists.When the basic concepts have been established the assumption of certainty will be removed.These basic concepts are illustrated in Table 9-2, and in Figs. 9-1 and 9-2.
From King Business Dictionaryconceptcon‧cept /ˈkɒnseptˈkɑːn-/ noun1[countable]MARKETING an idea for a productthe management of an R&D process, from an original concept through to marketing, manufacture and end-use marketing concept sales concept2[countable] a rule or idea saying how something should be done3the marketing conceptECONOMICS an economic idea stating that companies should make products which customers say they want, rather than products customers have to be persuaded to buy4the product conceptECONOMICS an economic idea stating that companies should continuously try to improve their products because customers prefer to buy products with the best quality, features, and performance5the production conceptECONOMICS an economic idea stating that companies should continuously try to manufacture and deliver their products without wasting time, money, or energy because customers want goods that are low in price and easy to obtainThe main objective of firms adhering to the production concept is to minimize costs, yet still maintain product quality.6the selling concept (also the sales concept)ECONOMICS an economic idea stating that companies should try to sell the products they already have, rather than develop new products see also consistency concept, realization conceptOrigin concept (1500-1600) Latin conceptum, from the past participle of concipere; CONCEIVE