computer-aided design

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computer-aided designcomˌputer-aided deˈsign noun [uncountable] TDCAD
Examples from the Corpus
computer-aided designModular equipment, no standing inventory, and computer-aided design shrink product development cycles from years to weeks.Excellent facilities exist to develop skills in computer-aided design.This includes new computer-aided design and planning systems, new machines on the shop floor, and changes in the factory layout.Manufacturers of computer-aided design systems are jockeying aggressively to take advantage of this potential goldmine.Pentagon also offers computer-aided design to make the most of your office space.Evolving Hardware Hardware design has traditionally been done by hand, and more recently with computer-aided design and optimization.
From King Business Dictionarycomputer-aided designcomˌputer-aided deˈsign abbreviation CAD [uncountable]COMPUTING the use of computers in designing something, especially buildings, cars etcCompany officials say that the use of a computer-aided design process helps to keep project costs down. design