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computercom‧put‧er /kəmˈpjuːtə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun [countable] TDan electronic machine that stores information and uses programs to help you find, organize, or change the information a huge global computer network the latest computer softwareon computer The information is stored on computer Shoppers can send in their orders by computer and pick up their goods later.COLLOCATIONSverbsuse a computerMost people do jobs in which they have to use a computer.log onto a computer (=start using it by typing a password)Next time you log onto your computer, you will have to use a new password.log off a computer (=stop using a computer system that requires a password)switch a computer on/offAlways switch off your computer at the end of the day.start up/boot up a computer (=make it start working)shut down a computer (=close the programs and stop it working)restart/reboot a computer (=make it start working again)The problem sometimes disappears if I restart my computer.program a computer (=give it instructions so that it will do a particular job)hold/store something on a computerThis data is all held on a central computer.a computer starts up/boots upMy computer takes ages to start up in the morning.a computer crashes (=suddenly stops working)a computer is down (=is not working)a computer is up (=is working again after stopping working)software/a program runs on a computerYou’ll need the appropriate software running on your + NOUNa computer systemOur office is installing a new computer system.a computer screen/monitorMake sure your computer screen is at the right height.a computer keyboardThe computer keyboard is shaped to put less strain on your wrists.a computer network (=a set of computers connected to each other)A virus had infected the entire computer network.a computer program (=a set of instructions stored inside a computer)At school, we’re learning how to write simple computer software (=computer programs)Microsoft Corp is the world’s largest maker of personal computer hardware/equipment (=machines and equipment, not programs)a shop that sells computer equipmenta computer gameKids love playing computer graphics (=images created by computers)There’s a massive market for high-speed computer technologythe rapid progress in computer technologycomputer science (=the study of computers and what they can do)the computer industryYou can make a lot of money in the computer industry.a computer companyHe runs his own computer company.a computer userTechnology now allows computer users to talk to each other over the Internet.a computer programmer (=someone who writes the instructions a computer uses to do a particular job)a computer expertYou don’t need to be a computer expert to use the programme.a computer hacker (=someone who tries to break into a computer system)a computer language (=a system of instructions used to program a computer)computer dataCD ROMs store computer data.a computer virus (=a program that secretly destroys information stored on computers)Computer viruses do a lot of damage every single day.a computer errorThe mistake was caused by a computer error. THESAURUSActions when using a computerstart up/boot up to make a computer start workingI’m having problems starting up my computer.log on/in to start using a computer system by typing your name and passwordHe logged on and read his on something to press a button on a computer mouse to choose a program, file etc from the screenWhen you click on the link, it sends you to the company’s website.install to add new software to a computer so that the software is ready to be usedAll users should install anti-virus to move information, pictures, or music from the Internet onto your computerYou can download MP3 files.upload to move information, pictures, or music from your computer to a different computer across the InternetSites such as YouTube allow you to upload your own to make a file or program ready to useOpen a new file and type in the information.scroll up/down to move information on a computer screen up or down so that you can read itScroll down to read the questions and answers.enter to type information into a computerThe program requires you to enter a password.delete to remove information from a computerI’ve deleted his email.When you delete a file, it first gets moved to the recycle bin.cut and paste to remove information from one place and put it in another placeTutors are looking out for students who cut and paste their essays from the to make a computer keep the work that you have done on itMake sure you save any work you do before you shut the computer down.close to stop having a file or program ready to useTo close the window, click on the ‘X’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen.log off/out to stop using a computer system by giving it particular instructionsI get an error message when I log off.shut down to make a computer stop workingEmployees should shut their computers down at the end of each day.restart/reboot to make a computer start working againWait a few minutes before rebooting your computer.
Examples from the Corpus
computercomputer softwareThere is no doubt that quick recall of number facts is still an advantage even in the era of calculators and computers.It is important that all children become computer literate while they are in school.The information from the survey is being processed by computer.Complex computer graphics were used to create the film's special effects.Our office has switched to a different computer system.Arnie may not win many Oscars, but the big guy's action-packed movies sure make great computer games.I can't get the program to work on my computer.Economies of scale and the use of computers were expected to reduce administrative costs.Many kids spend more time playing computer games than watching TV.The Internet is larger and has more types of server computers dishing out information.Just above the milometer was a small computer screen, and Jack guessed that she would find that pretty disconcerting.I played with a few of the new titles, with lots of technical assistance from some computer literati.A specification for the computer system which will satisfy the user's requirements begins to evolve.How long are you going to be on the computer? I need to type something.on computerDr. Fonseca's office now keeps all the patients' details on computer.
From King Business Dictionarycomputercom‧put‧er /kəmˈpjuːtə-ər/ noun [countable, uncountable]COMPUTING an electronic machine that can do calculations very quickly, store information or documents, or do tasks according to a set of instructions called a programWe store all our clients’ details on computer.The winner is chosen by computer.The popularity of the Internet is bringing a massive rise in computer literacy (=when people understand computers and know how to work with them). fifth generation computer home computer host computer mainframe computer personal computer see also laptop, microcomputer, minicomputer, palmtop, supercomputer