From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomponentcom‧po‧nent1 /kəmˈpəʊnənt $ -ˈpoʊ-/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable] PARTone of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system etc SYN constituent companies that make electronic components for computer productscomponent of each component of their workkey/major/important etc component Exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle.see thesaurus at part
Examples from the Corpus
componentResearchers have identified the substance's chemical components.All in all, the eatery is a breakfast bargain, with enough different components to keep boredom at bay.The factory makes aircraft engine components.The last component of the rainbow coalition that I want to refer to is feminism.Gaining confidence is a major component of developing leadership skills.It is especially prized because carbon, its major component, is by far the most important of all plant nutrients.In order to construct an integrated theory of linguistic competence, it is essential to discover the logical ordering of components or levels.If no physiological monitoring equipment is to be used, you will begin presenting both drinking and sensitization scene components.These repetitive simultaneous pressure waves usually occurred together with the lower oesophageal sphincter component of the migrating motor complex.stereo componentsAll the components should be tested before they are assembled.All the components of the Pythagorean model interlock, each absolutely necessary to the proper operation of the whole.key/major/important etc componentIn each case the honours subject occupies the whole of the final year with a research project as a major component.Many gay men today cringe at the thought that this was a major component of the sexuality of our precursors.Travel agents are an important component in the organizational structure of United Kingdom overseas travel.They are all fairly similar and usually use good vinegar and wine as major components.In other words, meaning is a highly important component element in the labelling of emotional states.It is especially prized because carbon, its major component, is by far the most important of all plant nutrients.The two most important components of the external environment are temperature and humidity.The lineup appears to be strong from top to bottom, but all the players know Bagwell is the key component.
componentcomponent2 AWL adjective [only before noun] the component parts of something are the parts that it consists of SYN constituentcomponent parts/elements etc We’ve been breaking down the budget into its component parts.
Examples from the Corpus
componentMethods for synchronizing such embryos and their component cells are dealt with in Sections 3.1 and 3.2.This is particularly true within areas such as avionic systems and component diagnostics.Whole armies disintegrated into their component individuals and sub-groupings.This branch of thermodynamics applies the laws of statistics to component microscopic particles.AlterNet operates its own network and maintains direct connections to most other component networks of the Internet.The component ratios are shown in Fig 3.The component systems of a complex system were loosely coupled, the component parts relatively autonomous.component parts/elements etcFinally, the state is fragmented, both in terms of political authority and the organizational form and logic of its component parts.Looking at the theory itself, it is clear that this understanding eventually put together several component elements.Some will be restored to running the exhibition condition, the remaining vehicles being used for component parts.Such properties can not be predicted mechanistically at the outset from knowledge of the component parts.The nation, on those subjects on which it can act, must necessarily bind its component parts.Once the component parts have been established, their order in terms of time-scale can be decided.Simple characters such as these occur as independent characters and also as component elements in compound or multielement characters.Gilt strips Here gilts are divided or stripped into their component parts that is, the interest and redemption payments.
From King Business Dictionarycomponentcom‧po‧nent /kəmˈpəʊnənt-ˈpoʊ-/ noun [countable]1one part of somethingcomponent ofGas will continue to be a major component of the country’s energy supply mix.The main component of any school’s budget will be the cost of staff.The M2 component of the money supply grew $7.2 billion in April.2MANUFACTURING one part used in making a machine, vehicle etcauto components (=ones used in cars) companya small company that makes electronic componentsOrigin component (1500-1600) Latin present participle of componere; COMPOUND2