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complaintcom‧plaint /kəmˈpleɪnt/ ●●● S3 W3 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]COMPLAIN a statement in which someone complains about something If you wish to make a complaint, you should see the manager. The sales assistants are trained to deal with customer complaints in a friendly manner.complaint about Keating was dismissed after complaints about the quality of his work.complaint of complaints of police brutalitycomplaint from/to complaints from local residents a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authoritycomplaint against All complaints against police officers are carefully investigated.complaint that We are concerned by complaints that children are being bullied.2 [countable]COMPLAIN something that you complain about Our main complaint was the poor standard of service. My only complaint is that the price is rather high.3 [countable]MI formal an illness that affects a particular part of your body He is having treatment for a chest complaint.see thesaurus at illnessCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a complaint (=complain formally to someone)The manager of the team decided to make a complaint about the referee.file/lodge a complaint formal (=make a complaint)She filed a complaint against several of her colleagues.have a complaint (=want to complain about something)Please let us know if you have any complaints about our service.bring a complaint against somebody formal (=complain in a formal, legal way)Higgins brought a complaint against his former manager.receive a complaint (also have a complaint)Our department has received a number of complaints from the with/handle a complaintPolice officers came to the house to deal with a complaint about noise.investigate a complaintThe dog was rescued after officials investigated a complaint of neglect.uphold a complaint (=say it is reasonable)The complaint was upheld and the advertisement was withdrawn.a complaint concerns something/relates to somethingWe have received a number of complaints concerning faulty goods.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + complainta formal/official complaintThe man has lodged a formal complaint against the police.a common/widespread/frequent complaintA common complaint of children is that parents do not listen to them.a serious complaintSerious complaints of negligence have been made.a customer/consumer complaintAs a result of the improvements, customer complaints went down by 70%.a bitter complaint (=a very angry one)The people are full of bitter complaints about their government.a familiar complaint (=one that you have heard many times)A lack of good public transport is a familiar complaint.phrasescause/grounds for complaint (=a good reason to complain)I do not think that he has any cause for complaint.a letter of complaintI wrote a letter of complaint to the hospital manager.a complaints procedure (=a system for dealing with complaints)There is a very straightforward complaints procedure you must follow. THESAURUScomplaint something that you say or write when you are complaining, especially to someone in an official positionIf you have any complaints, please contact our customer relations department.Our main complaint is the poor standard of service.If you have a complaint, you should write to the manager. | make a complaintSome employees are worried about what will happen to them if they make a complaint. | complaint aboutKeating was dismissed after complaints about the quality of his work. | formal complaintMr Kelly has made a formal complaint against the police. | letters of complaintThe commission has so far received nearly 10,000 letters of complaint.protest when someone complains publicly about something that they think is wrong or unfair and should not be allowed to happenDespite their protests, the students’ fees were increased. | in protest (=as a way of making a protest)When two members of the team were dismissed, the rest of them walked out in protest. | protest againstThe ambassador lodged a formal protest against the proposals. | ignore somebody’s protestsIgnoring my protests, he took off his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders.grievance something that you feel unhappy about because you think that you have been treated unfairly – use this especially about an official complaint you make about the place where you work: file a grievance (=officially complain)She filed a grievance last year after her supervisor refused to promote her. | grievance againstAnyone who has a legitimate grievance against the company can take it to the arbitration committee. | air a grievance (=discuss a grievance publicly)The meetings give employees the opportunity to express their views or air grievances.
Examples from the Corpus
complaintComplaints are dealt with by the customer services department.A dissatisfied employer would file a complaint with the high school.If you have a complaint, you should write to the manager.Some employees are worried about what will happen to them if they make a complaint.Keating was dismissed after complaints about the quality of his work.If you have any complaints, please contact our customer relations department.Hay fever is a common complaint in spring and summer.None the less, annual employee complaints filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have doubled.Mr Kelly has made a formal complaint against the police.Our main complaint is the poor standard of service.The commission has so far received nearly 10,000 letters of complaint.The service was good, but my only complaint is the high prices.The larger size of authorities has produced complaints about remoteness from rural areas.He is having treatment for a minor skin complaint.The cream is normally used for treating minor skin complaints.On 25 August 1987, the following week, Chief Inspector Lovell was appointed as investigating officer in accordance with the statutory complaints procedure.Some of the complaints about the pedestrian environment arise because of their implications for traffic safety.You always run the risk that your complaints get back to your boss, but you also might get some relief.complaint thatHe made a complaint that the record of his interview in relation to that offence contained fabricated admissions.The Black and White Minstrels are performing without their traditional makeup after complaints that it is racist.The Lords' recommendations follow complaints that the Commission acts too frequently against Britain.But his complaints that government programs to aid children only expand welfare dependency earned him a certain public enmity in 1994.Instead of arguing with Scott or giving in, Deborah listened to his complaints that she favored Brad.The car's manufacturer received complaints that leaks were causing brake failures.Behind this lay the complaint that the judiciary had been effectively excluded from policy-making.As for your complaint that you do not get out enough, I can not see how you can justify it.chest complaintHe retired at Christmas, 1990, as parish priest of St Ignatius, Ossett, suffering from a chronic chest complaint.
From King Business Dictionarycomplaintcom‧plaint /kəmˈpleɪnt/ noun1[countable, uncountable] a written or spoken statement by someone complaining about somethingOur sales assistants are trained to deal with customer complaints in a friendly manner.a letter of complaintcomplaint aboutThousands of customers have made complaints about the bank’s Internet banking service.2[countable]LAW a statement made by a person bringing a case or making a claim in a court of law, stating the facts upon which the case or claim is based3[countable]LAW a statement made by one person against another in a legal case, either in a court or to an officer of the courtThe defence counsel pointed out that the complaint had not been served until 14 February this year.Origin complaint (1300-1400) Old French complainte, from complaindre; COMPLAIN