company law

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompany lawˌcompany ˈlaw noun [uncountable] law the laws relating to the way in which companies operate
Examples from the Corpus
company lawRather, the focus on shareholder interests results from a private conception of the company and company law.It is therefore not unlikely that before long Parliament may abolish the ultravires rule in company law altogether.This point can perhaps also be illustrated by some of the recent legislative reforms of company law.I actually gave a few lectures there myself on company law.We will reform company law to require greater disclosure of information such as expenditure on research and development.The call came in an outspoken paper drafted by the Society's company law committee.The reason can perhaps be found in the fact that company law as an academic discipline boasts no long and distinguished pedigree.Yet company law doctrine has failed to acknowledge this.
From King Business Dictionarycompany lawˈcompany ˌlaw [uncountable]LAW laws relating to the way in which companies are formed, managed, and run law