Word family noun communication communicator adjective communicativeuncommunicative verb communicate
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communicationcom‧mu‧ni‧ca‧tion /kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃən/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 [uncountable]CONTACT somebody the process by which people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings Good communication is vital in a large organization. Radio was the pilot’s only means of communication.2 communications3 EXPRESS[uncountable] the way people express themselves so that other people will understand a week’s course in improving communication skills There has been a breakdown in communication (=failure to communicate).4 be in communication with somebody5 [countable] formalMESSAGE a letter, message, or telephone call a communication from the Ministry of DefenceCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 3phrasesa means of communication (=a way of exchanging information)There were no roads and no means of communication with the people in the mountains.a line/channel of communication (=a way of exchanging information, especially in an organization)It's important to maintain good lines of communication between managers and staff.a form/method/system of communication (=something you use to exchange information)At university, lectures are the main form of communication.a medium of communication (=a way of exchanging information, especially through television, art, music etc)Photography is a very popular medium of communication.a lack of communicationDisagreements are often due to a lack of communication.a breakdown in communication (=a failure)Differences in language and traditions can lead to a breakdown in communication.adjectivesgood communicationIn our company, there is good communication between the various departments.poor communicationThere was poor communication between the air traffic controllers and the aircraft.effective communicationEffective communication plays a key role in the democratic communicationThe new system allows more direct communication between teachers and communication (=involving everyone in a group)The system is aimed at creating trust and open communication.mass communication (=involving many people in a country, the world etc)Television, radio and other forms of mass communication have made the world a global village.human communicationSpeech is the most effective method of human communication.verbal communication (=with words)This activity is designed to improve students' verbal communication skills.non-verbal communication (=without words)Your appearance and movements are both forms of non-verbal communication.electronic communication (=using computers)Electronic communication encourages more information exchange.two-way communication (=in both directions)Train drivers need two-way communication with the signal box at all times.verbsestablish communicationMy job is to establish good communication with our hotel guests.facilitate communication (=make it easier)Computers have facilitated global communication.communication + NOUNcommunication skillsMost managers in business spend some time learning communication skills, so that they and their staff can understand each other. a communication systemThe natural communication system for humans is speech.
Examples from the Corpus
communicationa communication from the IRSFamily Services is offering a workshop called "Better Communication for Couples."The company said the telephone companies have welcomed the planned upgrade as an opportunity to manage the growth in computer communications.At the heart of any work in modern communications must be the use of the best and quickest communication systems.There were no communications between Sepilok and Dermakot.Radio was the pilot's only means of communication.Increased speed of communication means that people can act much more quickly and can make trends into self-fulfilling prophecies.The second type of communications package are those which both transfer and, where appropriate, translate as they do so.The importance of effective nurse-patient communications can not be overemphasised.There were some communication problems during the first phase of the project.All Loral business lines except the space communications division will be sold to Lockheed Martin.I think the market will be increasingly excited about wireless communication in general, which could include direct-broadcast satellite programming.means of communicationThis is why a black and white television screen is satisfactory as a means of communication.Music can also be an important means of communication.Similar problems may arise where other instantaneous means of communication are used.The other is economic, reducing the number of multimedia owners of the mainstream means of communication.The only means of communication was sign language.But if the means of communication have moved in a more public direction, the images have gone the other way.Modern art is directed at a public largely untutored in the fine arts amidst a rapid expansion of the means of communication.The more wonderful the means of communication, the more trivial, tawdry, or depressing its contents seemed to be.breakdown in communicationIt admitted there had been a breakdown in communication between its inspection team and staff members.Right at the beginning of hospital antenatal care, the researchers found there was a risk of a breakdown in communication.Even outside these types of confrontation, the very differences in language and traditions can lead to a breakdown in communication.She says it was a breakdown in communication and they made an error.A breakdown in communications between these departments can cause slowdowns and a failure to meet production schedules.Yesterday, Apple owned up to an apparent breakdown in communications.The lead horse will accept nothing less than pulling the wagon, and that is where the first breakdown in communication came.Thus, the ambiguity in the split authority flow creates organizational confusion, and Homeric breakdowns in communication.
From King Business Dictionarycommunicationcom‧mu‧ni‧ca‧tion /kəˌmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun1[uncountable] the process of exchanging information or ideasBecause some editors work in San Francisco and others in London, there is a greater need for communication in the decision-making process.rules of confidentiality which limit communicationThe industry will continue to evolve as communication technology changes and mass communication (=ways of passing information to a large number of people) becomes even more sophisticated. corporate communication press communications2[countable] formal a letter, message, or telephone callThe CAA recently received a communication from the French Director of Civil Aviation, complaining about the matter.3be in communication with somebody formal to talk or write to someone on a regular basis, or be in the process of talking or writing to someoneWe are currently in communication with the company regarding the matter of compensation.4TELECOMMUNICATIONS communications [plural] ways of sending information, especially using a telephone, radio, or computerThe network offers the most cost-effective form of mobile communications available. wireless communications5TRANSPORT communications [plural] used to talk about ways of travelling or sending goods on the roads, railways etcWith its many airports and train stations, London has excellent communications with the rest of Europe.