From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommercialcom‧mer‧cial1 /kəˈmɜːʃəl $ -ɜːr-/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective 1 BUSINESSrelated to business and the buying and selling of goods and services Our top priorities must be profit and commercial growth.2 PROFITrelated to the ability of a product or business to make a profit Gibbons failed to see the commercial value of his discovery.commercial success/failure The film was a huge commercial success.3 [only before noun]SELL a commercial product is one that is produced and sold in large quantities4 PROFITmore concerned with money than with quality Their music has become very commercial.5 commercial radio/TV/channel etcCOLLOCATIONSnounsa commercial bank (=one that accepts people’s money, provides loans etc)Several large commercial banks cut their lending rates.a commercial company/organizationMany commercial companies are having financial difficulties.commercial property (=property for businesses and industry)He decided to invest in commercial property.commercial interests (=things that bring business advantages)The president’s reform programme threatened US commercial interests.the commercial sector (=the business part of the economy)The commercial sector sponsors sport.the commercial market (=the market for goods)A product like this should do well in the commercial market.commercial development (=the building of houses, hotels, restaurants etc)The increased number of tourists has resulted in further commercial development.commercial useThe trees were planted for commercial use.commercial exploitation (=using something, especially natural resources, to make money)the commercial exploitation of mineral resourcescommercial activityCommercial activity in our society is highly competitive.commercial considerations/reasons/purposesCommercial considerations must come second to conservation of the environment.a commercial transaction (=a business deal)The deal was a straightforward commercial transaction.
Examples from the Corpus
commercialThe only real sense the deal makes is unashamedly commercial.The designer insists her clothing styles are commercial.Most European countries have a mixture of commercial and state-run television.Theobald is a freelance commercial artist.The British Empire was established for commercial as well as political reasons.Guangzhou is the commercial capital of China's Pearl River area.Denmark's first commercial channel went on air on June 1,1987.From its first operation in the 1920s, the computer only reached commercial feasibility and success in 1964.a large commercial fish farmAnd commercial life these days ain't easy as we can vouch.But what has happened with the more commercial manifestations of rave don't interest me.All commercial milk is pasteurized.But is commercial pressure to blame?Several commercial properties are vacant.Apply to the Secretary if you wish to become a commercial pupil.The space shuttle is being used more and more for commercial purposes.the most popular commercial radio station in LondonHowever, others saw a commercial rather than a political motivation behind the sale.His first commercial venture was opening a small corner shop.commercial success/failureEstablished media groups like Hachette, publishers of Elle magazine, failed to make it a commercial success.O2 is an object-oriented database that has yet to make its mark as a commercial success.Statistically the strongest correlation was between understanding of the market and commercial success.There was a rustle of a sigh from the audience and I began to revise my opinion of her likely commercial success.The worst fears of the residents were realised as the port was an immediate commercial success and heavy traffic quickly built up.Unfortunately audiences did not warm to such tales and their commercial failure led to Pearson losing control of his own company.Darnton knows the commercial success of his book may lead to a critical backlash.On these pages we review some of the recent commercial successes which combine to form the foundation of our new business.
commercialcommercial2 ●●○ noun 1 [countable]ADVERTISE an advertisement on television or radio a soap powder commercialsee thesaurus at advertisement2 commercial break
Examples from the Corpus
commercialWe'll be right back with you after a commercial break.a commercial for low-alcohol lagerAnd seeing as it was my brainchild, would you not say it was possibly the best commercial of all time?There are even commercials that show us a vision of hell should we fail to buy the right product.Have you seen the new Levi jeans commercial?Producers of commercials resisted, but granted some concessions to end the strike.Part of the reason commercials are effective is that they are, in a sense, invisible.The television commercials are complex texts within which different forms of signs are structured by a variety of codes.But with audiences in the millions, enough people see the commercials and buy enough products to make the system work.Yet the commercial is based on speculation that is indeed scary but not unjustified.Networks show more toy commercials just before Christmas.
From King Business Dictionarycommercialcom‧mer‧cial1 /kəˈmɜːʃəl-ɜːr-/ adjective1COMMERCErelating to business and the buying and selling of goods and servicesOran is a large commercial city on the coast.protests against commercial development on green field sites2[only before a noun]COMMERCE relating to the ability of a product or business to make a profitWe do not want to see ivory having a commercial value.The invention enjoyed great commercial success.3[only before a noun]COMMERCE a commercial product is one that is produced in large quantities and sold to the publicAll commercial milk is pasteurized.a large commercial fish farm4COMMERCE commercial port/airline/flight etc a port etc that provides a service for the general public to use and is run to make a profitThis aircraft was the first Boeing 727 to carry fare-paying passengers on a commercial flight.5COMMERCE commercial radio/TV/channel etc radio and television broadcasts that are produced by companies that earn money through advertising, rather than ones owned by the stateIt has become the most popular commercial radio station in Britain.6more concerned with money than with qualityThe record company tried to make me write songs that were very commercial.commercialcommercial2 noun [countable]1MARKETINGan advertisement on television or radio, or at the cinemaShe’s appeared in a coffee commercial.a commercial for a brand of aftershaveThe campaigns were designed to run as television or cinema commercials.2commercials [plural] British EnglishFINANCE shares in companies that produce and sell consumer goods, rather than companies involved in industrial processes