Word family noun comment commentary verb comment
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommentcom‧ment1 /ˈkɒment $ ˈkɑː-/ ●●● S1 W2 AWL noun 1 [countable, uncountable]OPINION an opinion that you express about someone or something SYN remarkcomment on/about his comments about asylum seekers He was fined for making abusive comments to the comment (=used by people in public life when they do not want to answer questions)2 [uncountable]CRITICIZE criticism or discussion of something someone has said or done The speech received much comment in the press.3 be a comment on somethingCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a commentEveryone was making appreciative comments about the delicious food.have a comment (=want to make a comment)Do you have any comments on that, David?pass (a) comment British English (=give an opinion)He looked at my photos but he didn’t pass comment.invite comment(s) (=ask people to give an opinion)The website invites comments from people who visit it.welcome comments (=be glad to hear people’s opinions)We would welcome your comments and suggestions.receive commentsIt is very helpful to receive comments from the public.adjectivesa brief/quick commentI just want to make a very brief comment.a helpful/constructive comment (=one that helps you make progress)Pay close attention to your teacher’s constructive comments.a positive/negative commentThere were some very positive comments in the report.a critical commentThe school has received critical comments from inspectors.(a) fair comment (=a criticism that is reasonable)I accepted as fair comment 90% of what he said.a snide comment (=unkind and made in a secret or indirect way)She made some really snide comments about you when you weren’t here.a disparaging/derogatory comment (=criticizing someone or something in an unpleasant way)Never make disparaging comments about a colleague’s work.a scathing/damning comment (=a very critical one)There were a lot of scathing comments about the appreciative comment (=showing that you think something is good or nice)Appreciative comments may improve your staff’s performance.a sarcastic comment (=in which you say the opposite of what you mean, as an unkind joke)I tried to stay calm, despite his sarcastic comments.a casual comment (=not very serious or important)I only made a casual comment about finding the work a bit boring.a passing comment (=a quick comment made without thinking about it very carefully)She got upset about a passing comment I made about her clothes.a shrewd comment (=good at judging people or situations)His newspaper article is always full of shrewd comments.a wry comment (=saying that something is bad in an amusing way)‘Perhaps the food could be improved, ’ was the wry comment of one prisoner.a bitter comment (=an angry one)Several pensioners passed some bitter comments.a public commentThe jury are forbidden from making public comments. THESAURUScomment something that you say or write in order to give your opinionDoes anyone have any comments?Readers are invited to send in their comments and suggestions.remark something that you sayJust ignore them if they start making rude remarks.I’m not sure what he meant by that last remark.point something that someone mentions about a subject in a discussion, argument, article etcThat’s an interesting point, Steve.He raises (=mentions) a number of important points in his paper.observation a comment in which you say what you think or have noticed about somethingKarl Marx made the observation that history repeats itself first as tragedy, second as farce.aside a comment made in a low voice, that you intend only certain people to hear‘Is that true?’ she whispered in an aside to Don.quip /kwɪp/ a clever and amusing commentShe knew she should reply with some light-hearted quip.dig informal a comment you make to annoy or criticize someoneI’m tired of her little digs at me.taunt /tɔːnt $ tɒːnt/ a comment intended to make someone angry or upsetThe fans made racist taunts throughout the game.
Examples from the Corpus
commentOK, that's what we are suggesting - does anyone have any comments?That talk was fanned by comments from central bank officials.But some dissenting comments made in private were unprintable.The jurors were not available for comment after the trial.Acevedo could not be reached for comment.Bohan said county park officials are still gathering comments from the public about the proposal.Her comments on interest rates had little impact on financial markets.Or a math or science teacher who made inappropriate comments throughout the year.We were discussing her new movie, and Jill made some interesting comments about it.Are there any questions or comments?Here are some examples of ways in which individual teachers have explored particular comments or happenings.Double Glazing is where we welcome your questions, comments, and experience with Windows.There is a set time allowed for the council to receive comments on an application.He made some comment about my dress, then carried on reading his commentNice try, but no comment.A Gillette spokesman also had no comment.His lawyer, Frank Carter, said Mr Watt had no comment on the case.I have no comments I guess.Kushner was not in his office yesterday afternoon, and a secretary said he would have no comment.He flushed and made no comment.The committee made no comment but as far as can be ascertained, no action was taken; more urgent matters required attention.Peace Corps officials made no comment to the press.
commentcomment2 ●●○ S3 W3 AWL verb [intransitive, transitive] SAYto express an opinion about someone or something SYN remarkcomment on People were always commenting on his size.comment that Smith’s lawyer commented that the decision was ‘outrageous’.see thesaurus at say→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
commentShe restrained her impulse to comment.Journalists asked General Curran how the campaign was going, but he refused to comment.Gateway and Compaq declined to comment.I got the usual stuff people get; there were always insensitive professors and they comment.""He only wears those clothes to prove that he's rich, '' commented Harold.Isetan would not comment on how much the bankruptcy filing might cost it, or on Barneys' threatened lawsuit.The prime minister was asked to comment on the crisis.A spokesman for the administrators would not comment on whether Mr Maxwell had answered the questions.A spokesperson for Genovo declined to comment, referring all questions to Wilson, who could not be reached.I might also comment that she seemed to know what the quotation marks represented on the page.Some critics have commented that the film lacks originality.comment thatAcademic freedom does not protect materials, discussions, or comments that are not relevant to the assigned subject.I have already commented that colours will not show up unless the intensity of the light is sufficiently great.May I put some of the comments that have been made into a broader context.I was previously commenting that I d like us to score another and break the 2 goal hoodoo.Several critics have commented that the movie is unnecessarily violent.But he also comments that the welfare analysis of restraints is quite equivocal.One chairman has commented that tribunals operate a sliding scale of formality.Sir David returned to his previous comments that universities were being swamped by paperwork.One user commented that when the procedure for access keeps changing, this presents him with further problems.
Origin comment1 (1300-1400) Late Latin commentum, from Latin, invention, from comminisci to invent