Word family noun comfort discomfort comforter adjective comfortableuncomfortable comforting verb comfort adverb comfortablyuncomfortably comfortingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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comfortercom‧fort‧er /ˈkʌmfətə $ -fərtər/ noun [countable] 1 American EnglishDH a cover for a bed that is filled with a soft warm material such as feathers SYN duvet British English2 COMFORT/MAKE somebody FEEL BETTERsomeone or something that comforts you
Examples from the Corpus
comforterThis kept my lower body warm, but I had to cover the rest of myself with a comforter.The feather comforter was neatly smoothed out on the bed and the pillow was precisely in its center.Sir Walter Raleigh trails his comforter about the muddy garden, a full-length Hilliard in miniature hose and padded pants.She was sprawled, hugging a sausage-shaped pillow like Linus' comforter.He supposed it was somewhere under the rug, perhaps held on to by old Josh as some sort of comforter.The tranquiliser and the bottle are poor comforters when the time comes to part for ever from those we love.The comforters on the beds were abnormally plump.The first change came when he got upstairs and found Firebug rolling under the thick comforter with some one.