Word family noun comfort discomfort comforter adjective comfortableuncomfortable comforting verb comfort adverb comfortablyuncomfortably comfortingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomfortablecom‧fort‧a‧ble /ˈkʌmftəbəl, ˈkʌmfət- $ ˈkʌmfərt-, ˈkʌmft-/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective 1 furniture/places/clothes etcCOMFORTABLE making you feel physically relaxed, without any pain or without being too hot, cold etccomfortcomfortable chair/bed/sofa etc The bed wasn’t particularly comfortable.comfortable room/lounge/hotel etc Joyce has a comfortable apartment in Portland.comfortable clothes/shoes/boots etc Wear loose comfortable clothing.comfortable to wear/use/sit on etc Linen is very comfortable to wear.2 physically relaxedCOMFORTABLE feeling physically relaxed, without any pain or without being too hot, cold etccomfort I was so comfortable and warm in bed I didn’t want to get up. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. With difficulty, she rolled her body into a more comfortable position.3 confident [not before noun]WORRIED confident, relaxed, and not worriedcomfortable with She’s never felt very comfortable with men. In our business, we need people who are comfortable in an unstructured environment.4 moneyRICH having enough money to buy the things you need or want, without having to worry about how much they costcomfortable life/retirement/existence etc Jean’s looking forward to a comfortable retirement.5 competition/vote [usually before noun]EASY if you have a comfortable win or lead, you win or are leading by a large amountcomfortable win/victory The pair had a comfortable win, beating the German team by nearly three seconds. The bill should pass in the House by a comfortable margin. Another penalty from Roberts gave the home team a comfortable half-time lead.6 ill/injured [not before noun]PAIN if someone who is ill or injured is comfortable, they are not in too much painCOLLOCATIONSnounschair/bed/sofa etcIs that chair comfortable?bedroom/lounge etcThe bedroom was large and comfortable with a view of the river.home/hotel/apartment etcThis is a friendly and comfortable hotel.comfortable clothes/shoes/boots etcYou’ll need comfortable shoes for walking around the city.a comfortable positionWhen driving, make sure you are seated in a comfortable position.comfortable surroundings (=comfortable things around you)Relax in the comfortable surroundings of the hotel.phrasescomfortable to wear/use/ride etcMy bike isn’t very comfortable to ride.warm and comfortableThe house is warm and comfortable even in winter.verbsfeel comfortableYou’ll probably feel most comfortable wearing cotton clothes.look comfortableThat sofa looks wonderfully comfortable.make something comfortableThere are lots of ways you can make your home more comfortable to live in. THESAURUScomfortable making you feel physically relaxed, and not too hard, hot, cold etc. Also used about people feeling physically relaxedThe hotel was very comfortable.I tried to get into a more comfortable position.comfy informal comfortable – used especially about furniture and clothesa comfy armchairThese shoes are very comfy.Are you comfy?cosy British English, cozy American English comfortable and warm – used especially about small rooms, houses etcThere’s a cosy lounge with a real fire.a cozy apartmentsnug small, warm, and comfortable, especially in a way that makes you feel protected – used especially about rooms, houses etc. Also used about people feeling warm and comfortableIt was very cold outside, but our tents were snug and warm. She wished she was back in her snug little house.I’m snug as a bug in a rug in here! (=very snug – used in informal British English)smooth a smooth journey is comfortable because your car or plane does not shake, or the sea is not roughDid you have a smooth flight?a smooth crossingCOLLOCATIONS CHECKcomfortable chair/bed/house/position/personcomfy chair/clothes/personcosy room/house/firesnug room/house/personsmooth journey/crossing/flight
Examples from the Corpus
comfortableThe Austins aren't rich, but they're comfortable.Since the flues were not used to heat the rooms in the summer, he could be made reasonably comfortable.Can you wait for a moment while I change into something more comfortable.Joyce has a comfortable apartment in Portland.She has a big comfortable apartment overlooking Central Park.Thomas can sleep on the sofa, but I'm afraid it's not as comfortable as a bed.He had supposed Mrs Mack to have been in comfortable circumstances, so he was surprised when he saw her tiny apartment.Last night, he was said to be in a comfortable condition.He said he felt very comfortable during the long journey.My wife and I are very lucky, really, we're comfortable, even though we're both retired.They usually focus on one of three areas: normal eating; comfortable exercise; or improved body image.You'll probably be more comfortable if you tilt the seat back.They've had a much more comfortable life since she started her new job.The bill should pass in the House by a comfortable margin.The truck gives you a surprisingly comfortable ride.comfortable shoes"Did you have a good flight?" "Yes, very comfortable thank you."Our new sofa is really comfortable to sit on.My presence in the government is quite logical, and I feel comfortable where I am..Sit down and make yourselves comfortable while I get us some coffee.But we must own it and feel comfortable with it or nothing will happen.At fifty-two he had long ago found his style, and was more than comfortable with it.Japanese is the language he's most comfortable with.comfortable clothes/shoes/boots etcShe is in constant pursuit of ways in which to accentuate male sexuality and to provide men with comfortable clothes.They gave her dresses and stockings, comfortable shoes.Good comfortable boots are essential, as are map and compass and the ability to navigate.Her long black hair and comfortable clothes are the unruffled badge of the artist and beatnik, be she fifteen or fifty.Horton, a big white man dressed in colorful, comfortable clothes, came back to say hello and welcome him.Jay was a solid woman, dressed in dark loose comfortable clothes that hid a multitude of sins.Wear comfortable shoes; you may be doing some walking or standing for long periods of time.Take strong and comfortable shoes - you will find cobbled streets everywhere. all summer long!comfortable positionAll day long, boys and girls sat on the buffaloes' backs, lounging in expertly comfortable positions.She patted a pillow behind her, trying to arrange it in a more comfortable position.She eased to a more comfortable position against the angle of the ground and schooled herself to wait.He left his comfortable position as spiritual advisor to Madame de Gondi and began to work as a minister to galley slaves.But after Gaveston's execution in June 1312 he returned to a more comfortable position at the king's side.Before you put your key in the ignition, make sure you are seated in a comfortable position for driving.The most comfortable position was to stand up.These are specially designed to cradle the fish securely in a comfortable position without wiping away a great deal of their protective mucous.felt ... comfortableDespite the fact that Johannesburg is situated some 5,000 feet above sea level, I felt comfortable.He said he felt very comfortable during the long journey.Whenever he felt comfortable, he was very loving and affectionate with his parents.A study of hospital administrators found that it took individuals eighteen months before they felt comfortable in that far less demanding role.Manion felt comfortable with the pitch he was giving Karen.I felt luxuriously comfortable with them, a child safe in a parent's lap.They felt comfortable worn next to the skin.comfortable life/retirement/existence etcHe wanted me to get a good job and live a quiet, comfortable life.We realize that the average auto worker leads a comfortable life.Key among them is the problem facing most developed countries of how to fund reasonably comfortable retirements for an increasingly long-lived population.He has a comfortable life in west Los Angeles; he dates a movie mogul's ex-wife; he wants for nothing.Although she was from a well-to-do family and could have led a very comfortable life, Judith had chosen otherwise.Moira had turned his comfortable life on its head.He'd looked forward to a comfortable retirement with his wife Audrey.Uh, for a comfortable retirement you should plan on having accumulated at least ten times your peak annual income.comfortable ... leadAnother penalty from Roberts gave Gloucester a comfortable half-time lead.Southampton didn't have much in the tank to reply and Leeds were comfortable in the lead.Barnes added a further penalty to give Portadown a comfortable 10-0 lead at half-time.After two rounds, Duvergel had a comfortable lead on points with the gold medal plainly in sight.While Clinton has a comfortable lead over Dole in recent national surveys, the Kansas senator is expected to win Texas.