From King Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishComfortComfort trademark a type of fabric conditioner (=liquid for making clothes feel soft), sold in the UKcomfortcom‧fort1 /ˈkʌmfət $ -ərt/ ●●○ W3 noun 1 physical [uncountable]COMFORTABLE a feeling of being physically relaxed and satisfied, so that nothing is hurting you, making you feel too hot or cold etccomfortable, discomfortbuilt/made/designed for comfort All our sports shoes are designed for comfort and performance.too hot/high/tight etc for comfort (=physically unpleasant for a particular reason) The temperature was too low for comfort. I dress for comfort, not fashion. Alan was very reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of the comfort Upstairs is a more intimate bar where guests can relax in comfort. Now you can watch your favorite movies in the comfort of your own home.2 emotional [uncountable]COMFORT/MAKE somebody FEEL BETTER if someone or something gives you comfort, they make you feel calmer, happier, or more hopeful after you have been worried or unhappycomforting Whenever he was upset, he would turn to her for comfort and advice.give/bring/provide/offer comfort a book which offers comfort and help to the parents of children with cancer The knowledge that Cara was safe gave him some comfort.great/much/little comfort My faith has been a source of great comfort over the years.take/draw/derive comfort from (doing) something He drew comfort from her warm support.find/take comfort in (doing) something You can take some comfort in the fact that you did your’s no/some comfort It was no comfort to think he might be as frightened as she was.if it’s any comfort (=used to introduce a statement that you think may make someone feel slightly less worried or unhappy) Well, if it’s any comfort, I don’t think he’ll try again.3 somebody/something that helps [countable]COMFORT/MAKE somebody FEEL BETTER someone or something that helps you feel calmer, happier, or more hopeful after you have been worried or unhappycomfortingbe a comfort (to somebody) Louisa’s been a great comfort to me since Mary died. It’s a comfort to know there’s someone to keep an eye on the kids.4 money/possessions [uncountable]COMFORTABLE a way of living in which you have all the money and possessions that you need or wantcomfortablein comfort When Dad died, he left us both enough to live in comfort for the rest of our lives. He was used to a life of comfort.5 comforts6 too close/near for comfort7 cold/small comfort comfort food, comfort zoneCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: if someone or something gives you comfort, they make you feel calmer, happier, or more hopeful after you have been worried or unhappyverbstake comfort from somethingThe family has taken comfort from the support of friends.draw/derive comfort from something formal (=take comfort from something)Economists have been quick to draw comfort from the latest figures.find/take comfort in somethingHe had been through a similar experience and she found comfort in that.offer (somebody) comfortVolunteers are available to offer comfort and advice.give (somebody) comfortIt was impossible to give her any comfort.bring (somebody) comfortReligious belief can bring comfort during times of stress.provide comfortTalking about your problems may provide some comfort (=look for comfort)People come to us seeking comfort and guidance.adjectivesgreat comfortYour letters have been a great comfort to me.cold/small comfort (=not much comfort)The tax changes will provide cold comfort to people living on a pension.phrasesa word of comfortHe tried to find some words of comfort that would help her.a source of comfortSome people eat as a source of comfort.a crumb of comfort (=a very small amount)‘You’re no worse than the rest, ’ the football coach said, trying to offer me a crumb of comfort.if it’s any comfort (=used to say something that may make someone less worried or unhappy)If it’s any comfort, you very nearly passed the exam.comfort + NOUNcomfort food (=food that you eat to make you feel relaxed and happy)I find pasta and cheese is a great comfort food.
Examples from the Corpus
comfortAfter he became rich, he lived a life of idleness and comfort.And there are other things about my job that remind me too much of Ghostbusters for comfort.Emily goes to a women's group for comfort and emotional support.We opted for comfort and retired to our favourite chippie for lots of it.Jesse Jackson has had entree to those countries and could be perceived as giving comfort to them.Your letter brought me great comfort after John died.Her faith gave her comfort during a very difficult time.I was even earning enough to support myself in modest comfort.She was no longer a threat to him, but a source of comfort and hope.The hotel staff made sure nothing disturbed our comfort or enjoyment.Headroom isn't such a problem, though, and actual rear seat comfort is very good.The family has taken some comfort from the fact that her conditions has stabilized.It does not originate in the comforts of the comfort ofSo the total number of dinners on the island is 200, eaten in the comfort of 90 huts.There is no rest for the eye in the comfort of nothing.One theory is that it awakens distant memories of floating in the comfort of the womb.Once in the comfort of her room she'd look through her guide again for likely possibilities, she decided.It does not originate in the comforts of religion.if it’s any comfortIf it's any comfort to you, he wouldn't have suffered much pain.It’s a comfortIt's a comfort to know there's always someone to keep an eye on the in comfortHow can retired people live in comfort?If I had the wherewithal to live in comfort, I wouldn't fritter it away.
comfortcomfort2 ●●○ verb [transitive] COMFORT/MAKE somebody FEEL BETTERto make someone feel less worried, unhappy, or upset, for example by saying kind things to them or touching themcomforting Within hours of the news, Helen arrived to comfort her heartbroken friend. He longed to take her in his arms and comfort her. Mr Aston’s father was last night being comforted by relatives.comfort yourself She comforted herself with the thought that it would soon be spring.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
comfortVenus took her leave greatly comforted, but to make matters still more sure she turned for help to her son Cupid.Lisa, in tears, was being comforted by her mother.Come, be comforted, he shan't fright you.He tried to comfort her by telling her that everything would be all right.Bill stroked her hair gently, trying to comfort her.Joyce did her best to comfort him, assuring him that it was not his fault.We did our best to comfort him, but he was obviously very upset.He ached to reach out and hold Tsu Ma close, to comfort him, but knew it would be wrong.The two sisters hugged each other, sharing their grief and comforting one another.Many people ignore this sign, comforting themselves that they probably brushed too hard.comfort yourselfShe was damned to hell, of course, she comforted herself.We comforted ourselves by saying that they never knew what hit them.Your spirit and mine must have met to comfort each other!Can we comfort ourselves with a freezer full of cells as species disappear and the wild itself becomes extinct?Touch is a major way that babies comfort themselves, explore their world, and initiate contact.To comfort myself, I take a long warm candle-lit bath.Many people ignore this sign, comforting themselves that they probably brushed too hard.Still, I comforted myself with the notion that I wasn't a coffee junkie.
Origin comfort2 (1100-1200) Old French conforter, from Late Latin confortare to strengthen, from Latin com- (COM-) + fortis strong