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comedycom‧e‧dy /ˈkɒmədi $ ˈkɑː-/ ●●● W3 noun (plural comedies) 1 [uncountable] entertainment that is intended to make people laughcomedy writer/series/show/actor etc a career in stand-up comedy (=telling jokes in front of people as a job)see thesaurus at funny2 [countable]APAM a play, film, or television programme that is intended to make people laugh a highly successful TV comedysee thesaurus at movie3 [uncountable]FUNNY the quality in something such as a book or play that makes people laugh SYN humour, → tragedy Can’t you see the comedy of the situation? black comedy, situation comedyCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: entertainment that is intended to make people laughcomedy + NOUNa comedy series (=a regular TV programme about the same characters)I used to like the comedy series 'Friends’.a comedy show (=a performance)She has her own comedy show on TV.a comedy writerHe is best known as a comedy writer for radio and television.a comedy actor/actressHe was voted the top TV comedy actor.a comedy star (=a very famous comedy actor or actress)The main role in the film is played by comedy star Whoopi Goldberg.a comedy filmThey were the most successful comedy films of all time.a comedy routine (=the jokes that form a comedy show)He always has a brilliant comedy routine.a comedy duo (=two people who perform together regularly)the legendary comedy duo Laurel and Hardythe comedy circuit/scene (=all the people, places etc involved in providing comedy)She became a major star on the international comedy circuit.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + comedy stand-up comedy (=performances with one person telling jokes alone)He developed a stand-up comedy act.slapstick comedy (=in which the performers do silly things like falling over, getting dirty etc)The tradition of slapstick comedy goes back to the early days of cinema.high comedy (=intelligent and with very funny conversations and situations)The director wanted actors who could play high comedy.low comedy (=about very silly situations etc)He’s a popular actor who excels at low comedy.light comedy (=about subjects that are not very serious)He is clearly talented at light comedy (=about subjects that are usually sad or serious, especially death)The plot contains plenty of black comedy.alternative comedy (=that is different from traditional types of comedy)He’s making a name for himself on the alternative comedy scene. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a play, film, or television programme that is intended to make people laughadjectivesa romantic comedy'Four weddings and a Funeral' is a well-known romantic comedy.a black comedy (=about serious subjects, especially death)There are several murders in this black comedy set in Florida.a musical comedy (=with music and singing)As far as musical comedies go, this is one of the most successful.a sentimental comedy (=about emotions such as love and sadness)The film is one of those tearful sentimental comedies.a situation comedy (=a regular comedy TV programme about the same characters)She starred in a situation comedy about a family with teenage kids, that ran for ten years. a TV comedyThe actor played the character Baldrick in the TV comedy 'Blackadder'.
Examples from the Corpus
comedyThis one, obviously, is not a comedy.a comedy show on Channel 4It was a brilliant play - full of drama, and both sadness and comedy.So is the prejudice against mixing tragedy and comedy.The movie's a black comedy about a pair of junkie musicians who are trying to kick the drug habit.The movie swings from broad comedy to moving drama in a single scene.The aggressive style of mainland cabaret comedy is only now reaching Northern Ireland.Bill started acting in musical comedy.'One Fine Day' was a romantic comedy with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer.In general, the violations of the unities in sentimental comedy are slight.The tribute includes a 1960s episode of Coronation Street and the comedy Nearest and Dearest.But the comedy is smart and funny, and Michael Douglas and Annette Bening are charming.Much of the comedy in Pratchett's books comes from the clever way he plays around with words and ideas.stand-up comedyAnd if you want the best stand-up comedy available for a dollar, try a speaker meeting on skid row.Throughout the first decade of television, the dominant influence was what would now be called stand-up comedy.Capurro has been doing stand-up comedy for about a year.I had a girlfriend, Lisa DeLarios, who went to New York, and was doing great stand-up comedy.Or a president of the Board of Supervisors whose real job is stand-up comedy.Other tales that make up the show are obviously fictional: the stuff of stand-up comedy.His starting point was stand-up comedy the thing he still does best, in 15-minute monologues at the start of every show.
Origin comedy (1300-1400) French comédie, from Latin, from Greek komoidia, from komos having fun, partying + aeidein to sing