From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcolumnistcol‧umn‧ist /ˈkɒləmɪst, -ləmnɪst $ ˈkɑː-/ ●○○ noun [countable] TCNsomeone who writes articles, especially about a particular subject, that appear regularly in a newspaper or magazine
Examples from the Corpus
columnistNeal Ascherson, the award-winning writer, will be a columnist on the new newspaper.Tony Kornheiser is a columnist for the Washington Post, and a talk-show host on WTEM.William Wong is an independent journalist and Examiner columnist.Stephanie Salter is a San Francisco Examiner columnist.Dan Dorfman, the influential financial columnist, was fired by Money magazine, the magazine's managing editor said Wednesday.The ambitious couple threw large parties, inviting celebrities and gossip columnists.A self-confessed gossip columnist, she writes under her former married name of Lady Colin Campbell - to me her first vulgarity.Gossip columnists from the local papers wrote about them.One Phoenix columnist, who claimed to have covered the accident, said Mix always drove a Stutz Bearcat.Syndicated columnist Robert Novak chatted loudly with an editor on his cellular telephone.