From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollaborativecol‧lab‧o‧ra‧tive /kəˈlæbərətɪv $ -reɪ-/ ●○○ adjective collaborative effort/work/project etc
Examples from the Corpus
collaborativeIn other collaborative activities individuals take turns in sitting vigilantly alert while others feed, thereby functioning as watchdogs or guards.Williams is working on a collaborative anthology on the relationship between Mormons and the land.But from the start, feature animation was a collaborative effort.A manager's main task is to coordinate the collaborative efforts of a number of people.The new system was the product of a collaborative project between Apple and IBM.Members are involved in collaborative projects within Oxford, nationally and internationally. 8.Little by little, a collaborative response appeared.The state bureaucracy works very closely with firms to implement a comprehensive, collaborative strategy for economic growth.Now I needed his help in order to get started again, and we took up once more our old collaborative writing habits.a collaborative youth training program involving several businesses
From King Business Dictionarycollaborativecol‧lab‧o‧ra‧tive /kəˈlæbərətɪv-reɪ-/ adjective COMMERCEa collaborative project involves two or more people, companies etc working together in order to achieve somethingUniversities and companies are currently undertaking a range of collaborative research projects in the field of biotechnology.