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coffincof‧fin /ˈkɒfɪn $ ˈkɒː-, ˈkɑː-/ ●●○ noun [countable] MXa long box in which a dead person is buried or burnt SYN casket American English a nail in somebody’s/something’s coffin at nail1(3)
Examples from the Corpus
coffinBy the 1770s the winding-sheet had almost disappeared, to be replaced by coffin sheets.His aging friends felt as if they were looking into their own open coffins.His imperious father tells Alex he wishes it were him in the coffin.Of course, I thought, it's the ashes of the coffin as well, so it would be quite a weight.On the way past the coffin Margaret bowed and kissed the lid.A large estate car or van will be needed to transport the coffin, and four to six people to carry it.Sons of louts grappled with the coffin in vain; they could neither cram it in nor twist it out.And the heart-rending tragedy of the tiny coffins of a family of victims?
Origin coffin (1300-1400) Old French cophin, from Latin cophinus basket, from Greek kophinos