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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcodecode1 /kəʊd $ koʊd/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 laws/behaviourBEHAVIOURRULE/REGULATION [countable] a set of rules, laws, or principles that tell people how to behave The Torah is the basis for all the Jewish laws and their moral code. Each state in the US has a different criminal and civil code. The judge ruled that there had been no breach of the code. There were plans to introduce a dress code (=rules about what to wear) for civil servants.code of conduct/behaviour/ethics the strict code of conduct that is so much a part of karatecode of practice (=a set of rules that people in a particular business or profession agree to obey) The Textile Services Association has drawn up a code of practice endorsed by the Office of Fair Trading.see thesaurus at rule Highway Code, penal code2 secret messageSECRET MESSAGESECRET [countable, uncountable] a system of words, letters, or symbols that you use instead of ordinary writing, so that the information can only be understood by someone else who knows the systemin code All reports must be sent in code.break/crack a code (=manage to understand a code) They didn’t realise that we’d broken their secret code.3 symbols giving informationSIGNS GIVING INFORMATIONTCM [countable] a set of numbers, letters, or symbols that shows what something is or gives information about it Goods that you order must have a product code. Every item found on the archaeological dig is given a code number. bar code, genetic code, postcode, zip code4 telephonesTELEPHONES [countable] (also dialling code, STD code British English)TCT the group of numbers that comes before a telephone number when you are calling from a different area SYN area code American English What’s the code for Aberdeen?5 computersCOMPUTERSTD [countable, uncountable] a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do machine code, source code6 sounds/signals [countable]SOUNDS/SIGNALSSYSTEM a system of sounds or signals that represent words or letters when they are sent by machine Morse codeCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a set of rules, laws, or principles that tell people how to behavephrasesa code of practice/conduct/ethics (=rules for people in a particular profession or business)There is a strict code of conduct for doctors.a code of behaviourEach tribe follows its own code of behaviour.a code of honour (=a code of behaviour)The family’s code of honour meant that they had to take revenge.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + code a moral codeChildren acquire their parents’ moral code.a legal code (=rules decided by law)the legal code on the use of pesticidesa penal/criminal code (=relating to the punishment of criminals)At that time the penal code allowed the death penalty.a dress code (=rules about what you must wear)Some of the more expensive clubs have a dress code.the Highway Code (=the official rules about driving in Britain)You will be tested on your knowledge of the Highway Code.a strict codeIn future we will have to abide by a strict code of environmental standards.a voluntary code (=one that people are not legally obliged to follow)This voluntary code sets standards for retailers on the use of child labour.verbshave a codeMost professional organizations have a code of ethics.create/produce/establish a codeThey have established a code of practice for advertisers.draw up/lay down a code (=create one)The syndicate decided to draw up a code of conduct for its members.follow a codeWhen children are near water, it’s important to follow a basic safety code.comply with/adhere to/conform to a code formal (=follow one)All staff must sign and strictly adhere to a Code of Business Ethics.break a codeEuropean steel producers were judged to be breaking the code.breach/violate/contravene a code formal (=break one)Any companies breaching the code will be expelled from the Association. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a system of words, letters, or symbols that you use instead of ordinary writing, so that the information can only be understood by someone else who knows the systemadjectivesa secret codethe secret codes used during the two world warsverbsbreak/crack a code (=discover how to understand a code)The Enigma machine was used to crack the enemy codes.decipher a code formal (=break one)His job involved deciphering the codes used by the enemy.write something in codeAll the information we received during the war was written in code.send something in codeThe message was sent in code to the task force, as a signal to attack.code + NOUNa code word (=a secret word you must know to get information, access etc)UMBRA was the code word for top secret information.a code name (=a secret name used to hide your real identity)The spy was referred to in the report only by his code name 'Trevor S'.
Examples from the Corpus
codeBuilding codes have been strengthened following the earthquake.Two hundred code writers, broken down into teams, entered the project as if it were some underground cavern.It can even include invisible codes such as carriage returns, tab stops, indentations, and format changes.Ever since the World Health organisation approved an infant-formula marketing code in 1981, everyone else wants one too.Rumors, false battle reports, meaningless codes, inflammatory speeches, orders to non-existent rebels.Churches help to teach children a strong moral code.A new code of practice governing the advertising of tobacco products is being introduced.He will be dealt with under our code of discipline.Management consultancy divisions of accounting firms tend to be strong on business advice and professional codes of conduct.people who follow some strict religious codeHobbs had blatantly ignored the legal profession's code of conduct.And we proved it by cracking the manufacturers' secret codes.the income tax codea telegraphic codePreviously the code word for this was Trine and before that, during the early 1960s, Dinar.The code was used by the Japanese Navy during World War II.The code "ZZ35" on this cassette means it was imported from Europe.Some programmers write code for more than 12 hours straight.moral codeShe emphasised the status of housework as a moral code rather than a logical practice.This is fairly obvious with a relatively abstract form such as a moral code.The comedia lacrimosa champions a new moral code founded on friendship, tolerance, humanity and charity.These urban comedies portrayed a new moral code in opposition to conventional morality.Our obligation is to define the liberty of all, not to mandate our own moral code...Through learning, children acquire not only their parents' moral code but also a willingness to act in accordance with the rules.His parents, he knew, had followed a simpler moral code.Anyway the moral code prevents him from taking her back whether he wants to or codeAll government messages were to be sent in code.code numberAs you select each colour from the palette, you are required to give it a code number or letter.The sample often arrives at the point of analysis marked only with a code number.Generally, this coded message contains information about the item: its stock code number, size, colour etc.Each worker is given an income tax code number which is related to the total of his personal allowances.In the latter case you would need to get a new tax code number from your employer.It shows their tax code number and details of their gross pay and tax deducted to date.The signals generated vary according to the code number.
codecode2 ●●○ AWL verb 1 [transitive]CALL/DESCRIBE AS to put a set of numbers, letters, or symbols on something to show what it is or give information about it Each path is coded to show the level of difficulty. The researcher codes them X or Y.2 [transitive]SECRET to put a message into code so that it is secret OPP decode a coded messageGrammar Code is usually passive in this meaning.3 [intransitive, transitive] to write computer programs I think kids should be taught how to code.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
codeIt was based on independent particles, each coding for a single attribute and each following its own path down the generations.It is not supposed to be obvious that the statement can be coded into arithmetic, but it can be.Topological feature based methods detect and code straight lines and the orientation of strokes.Security badges are coded to show which buildings each person may enter.Fig. 1 shows how an eight bit binary number can be bar coded using this system.And why is it coded with initials?
From King Business Dictionarycodecode /kəʊdkoʊd/ noun1[countable]LAW a complete set of written rules or lawsEach state in the US has a different criminal and civil code. building code City Code Internal Revenue Code Takeover Code2[countable] a set of numbers, letters, or signs that are used to show what something is or give information about itIt is all too easy to miss an employee off a list because a code has been entered incorrectly. bar code business activity code sort code Universal Product Code3[countable, uncountable]COMPUTING a set of instructions that tell a computer what to doa translator that will take the binary code from Windows applications and produce Alpha codeAn ANDF version of the spreadsheet runs to 200,000 lines of code. machine code4[countable] (also dialling code), STD code British English, area code American English the group of numbers that come before a telephone number when you are calling from a different areaWhat’s the code for Aberdeen?Dial 0101 first, then your area code, followed by your home number.5[countable] British English (also tax code), code numberTAX a number that is given to an employee showing the amount of money that they are allowed to earn without paying any taxWhen you get married your code will change.Origin code1 (1500-1600) French Latin codex; CODEX