Word family noun close closure closing adjective closed closing verb close
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclosureclo‧sure /ˈkləʊʒə $ ˈkloʊʒər/ ●●○ noun 1 SHUT/CLOSE[countable, uncountable] when a factory, school, hospital etc has to close permanently Several military bases are threatened with closure.factory/hospital/school etc closure the problem of school closuresclosure of the closure of St Bartholomew’s Hospital2 PREVENT[countable, uncountable] when a road, bridge etc is closed for a short time so that people cannot use it On the M40, there are lane closures near Oxford.3 [uncountable] when an event or a period of time is brought to an end, or the feeling that something has been completely dealt with Funerals help give people a sense of closure.
Examples from the Corpus
closureState-owned industries, already shaken by lay-offs and closures, will come under even greater stress from international competition.But as far as closure, there will never be.Penrhyn is now the largest quarry in the world, yet 5 years ago it faced closure.Further factory closures have been announced.Tory Derek Lamberth said closure plans had been on the agenda for two years.This is another area which is changing out of all recognition since closure of the colliery and removal of sidings etc.Next day the rector of the Sorbonne summoned police to a student protest against the closure of Nanterre.The closures will mean the loss of some 600 jobs.Several military bases are threatened with closure.Two years ago the Cowley plant was threatened with closure.threatened with closureIt has been threatened with closure, water officials said.Read in studio Workers at a piano factory threatened with closure have been demonstrating in support of a management buyout.But now Government cuts means the home is threatened with closure.They linked up in a silent demonstration of support for the school which is threatened with closure.Read in studio An animal shelter threatened with closure is to stay open.Read in studio Crews from four fire stations threatened with closure have been holding a demonstration against the plans.Two years ago the Cowley plant was threatened with closure.The method involved asking what users and non-users would pay to keep the centre open if it were threatened with closure.
From King Business Dictionaryclosureclo‧sure /ˈkləʊʒəˈkloʊʒər/ noun [countable] the act of closing a factory, store, organization etc permanentlyThe factory faces closure if no more money can be found.The company’s 50 high street stores are currently threatened with closure.