From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclinicalclin‧i‧cal /ˈklɪnɪkəl/ ●○○ adjective 1 [only before noun]M relating to treating or testing people who are sick The drug has undergone extensive clinical trials (=tests to see if it is effective in treating people).clinical medicine/experience/training etc (=medicine etc that deals directly with people, rather than with research or ideas) The therapy has helped people with clinical depression (=a strong feeling of sadness, for which you need medical help).2 MHrelating to a hospital or clinic The program gives the students experience in a clinical setting.3 EMOTIONALconsidering only the facts and not influenced by personal feelings A formal marriage agreement sounds clinical, but it can be a good idea.4 SIMPLE/PLAINa clinical building or room is very plain and clean, but not attractive or comfortable The walls were painted a clinical white.clinically /-kli/ adverb clinically tested drugs
Examples from the Corpus
clinicalIn our clinical age, we call it the subconscious.However, this study has been criticized on both clinical and laboratory grounds.Important differences existed between the clinical and rehabilitation members in their approach to patient management.In a well publicised case a patient recently committed suicide while under the care of a clinical ecologist.Perfection is cold and clinical, every angle precise, every edge razor sharp and according to plan.His words were harsh and clinical -- "I don't love you any more. It is over. I am leaving you.''Klinsmann was absolutely clinical in scoring that goal.The department has a strong research base reflecting commitment to clinical nursing and the utilisation of research.While these symptoms impart a conformity to the clinical presentation, the underlying psychodynamic psychopathology is varied.Sound systems are now used in clinical settings, especially in psychiatrists' and dentists' offices.This will mostly be used in clinical trials, although some is expected to go to those with official medical approval.The drug has undergone a number of clinical trials.a cold, clinical view of homelessnessclinical trialsInsurers have everything to gain by supporting clinical trials.One of these diagnostic agents is now in clinical trials.The online journal of current clinical trials, a scientific electronic journal, is to be launched this month.The high cost of clinical trials and animal tests has forced Beecham to hold back products that looked promising in research.The team is now seeking approval to carry out clinical trials at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.But no large, long-range clinical trials have been completed.The company will fund clinical trials necessary for the compounds to be shuttled through the federal drug approval process.These agents are now being tested in clinical trials with people at risk. 6.