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climatecli‧mate /ˈklaɪmət/ ●●○ W3 noun 1 WEATHER[countable, uncountable] the typical weather conditions in a particular area Los Angeles’ warm dry climate2 WEATHER[countable] an area with particular weather conditions These flowers will not grow in cold climates.3 SITUATION[countable usually singular] the general feeling or situation in a place at a particular timepolitical/economic/social etc climate Small businesses are finding it hard to survive in the present economic climate.climate of a climate of growing racial intolerance in large citiesCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2adjectiveswarm/hotMany people prefer to live where the climate is warm.cold/coolScotland's climate is too cold for these plants to survive.mild (=not too hot and not too cold)The region's climate is mild all the year round.dryShe loves the dry climate of southern California.wet/dampA damp climate can damage buildings.humid (=with hot and wet air)Tropical vegetation flourishes in this humid climate.harsh (also inhospitable formal) (=uncomfortable and difficult to live in)The climate of the Siberian steppes is harsh.extreme/severeThese mountain people are used to the extreme climate.arid (=very dry)Very few plants can flourish in such an arid climate.temperate (=never very hot or very cold)Europe's climate is temperate.tropical (=very hot and wet)the tropical climate of Brazila Mediterranean climate (=typical of the areas around the Mediterranean Sea)Croatia enjoys a Mediterranean climate.the global/world climate (=the weather of the world)Scientists are assessing the impact of carbon dioxide on the global climate.a changing climateA changing climate will bring rising tides.climate + NOUNclimate change (=a permanent change in weather conditions)The world must reduce the emissions that cause climate change. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: the general feeling or situation in a place at a particular timeadjectivesthe political/economic/social etc climateAt the time the political climate was moving steadily to the right.a favourable climate (=that is good for doing or achieving something)Both sides were working to create a favourable climate for effective negotiations.a difficult/unfavourable climateThe economic situation created an unfavourable climate for investment.the current/present climate (also the prevailing climate formal)Change will be hard to achieve in the current climate.the international climateThe international climate changed for the worse as conflict broke out in the region.the intellectual climate (=the general way of thinking)New inventions can change the intellectual climate.verbscreate a climateIt's important to create a climate of trust between staff and management.phrasesthe climate of opinion (=the opinion which most people have about a subject)The climate of opinion is still favorable for the president.
Examples from the Corpus
climateThe revelations of corruption have led to a climate of distrust in the capital.The recent floods are said to be caused by climate change in the northern hemisphere.These flowers will not grow in a cold climate.Los Angeles has a warm, dry climate.Hopefully, when the financial climate gets better we'll be able to take on more workers.People in rainy maritime climates call it just water, and complain when it falls from heaven.And they are taught about Britain's unfailingly miserable climate.We know that in most regions there have been frequent changes of climate in the geologically immediate past.Others behave as annuals in our climate but are true perennials in their native countries.In today's political climate the return of communism seems impossible.No one seriously contests any more that a hostile tax climate has hurt New York's economy.Somewhere, an air-conditioning unit throbbed softly, maintaining the climate of a cool-temperate zone.The climate of opinion on the sensitive topic of euthanasia is changing gradually.The climate of southern Florida attracts thousands of tourists each winter.Queensland has a warm tropical climate.And although the hospitality was superb, we were relieved to move to the warmer climate of Vancouver and Vancouver Island.It is suited to the warmer climates and milder winters.political/economic/social etc climateThe boundaries of sovereignty must be determined in the light of the prevailing moral and political climate when difficult questions of constitutional authority arise.Is this too much to ask in the current economic climate when priorities may all to easily lie elsewhere?It is a vast undertaking at considerable cost and hence a very brave venture in the current economic climate.The current political climate in Washington does not suggest that government programs can be relied on to fill this training gap.Creditor business continues to be affected by the poor economic climate but rating action has resulted in some improvement in Q2.To what extent does the economic climate influence sales promotion?This heightened awareness is partly the result of changes in the economic climate of the last ten to fifteen years.The economic climate in higher education is also a constraint, says George Steele.
Origin climate (1300-1400) Old French climat, from Late Latin clima, from Greek klima angle, latitude, climate, from klinein to lean; because the weather depends on the angle of the sun to the earth