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cleavercleav‧er /ˈkliːvə $ -ər/ noun [countable] DFUa heavy knife for cutting up large pieces of meat
Examples from the Corpus
cleaverJust himself and Eloise, a cleaver, a gun, a spoonful of rat poison.At home, he took a cleaver, turned it over and over in his hand.Chop the meat to a consistency that you like with a cleaver, then liberally splash it with sauce.She was sitting on a tall wooden stool with a cleaver in her hand, chopping leeks.To them, the justice system is a mockery, another cleaver in the hands of Power.I was taken by the drama of it - one mistake, and somebody's at you with a meat cleaver.Using a small cleaver or a large, heavy knife, cut the hind leg across the bone into 2 pieces.Perturbed, he swung the cleaver viciously, chopping fowl after fowl into pieces.